Working While a Student.

Some students work while attending SPH. These positions can be either on- or off-campus. Below are tips and resources to help you explore employment opportunities.

Suggested Job Search Timeline: Unless otherwise noted, most positions are posted at the time they need to be filled.  We suggest that you begin to apply for positions no earlier than 4-6 weeks before you are able to start working.

BU Handshake allows students to view job postings, upload and update resumes, enable publicly available resumes to be viewed by employers, and a lot more. We recommend you complete your student profile, providing information about your education, work or volunteer experience, and any class projects that have relevance to your qualifications for a position. This will help communicate your fit for a role and drive employer communications to you.

International Students: You must follow the rules and procedures for employment established by Boston University, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), and their sponsoring agencies. If you have any questions regarding your Visa status or working on-campus, contact the International Students and Scholars Office at or 617-353-3565.

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