The Student Link is your personal and secure online link to student records at Boston University, and it provides access to a variety of important information. Using the Student Link, you can view and change your personal information, view your student account, check your grades, confirm classroom locations, and much more.

To access information on the Student Link, you must have a BU login name and Kerberos password; if you have set up a BU email account, you might already have a BU login name and Kerberos password. Once you have a BU login name and Kerberos password, you will be able to access the BU wireless network.

Your BU login name and Kerberos password provide access to important personal information; safeguard your Kerberos password and do not give it to anyone. Sharing your password, or using anyone else’s password, is prohibited by Boston University’s Conditions of Use and Policy on Computing Ethics; any violation of this policy may be cause for disciplinary action.

For assistance, please contact the IT Help Center.  Medical campus students may also visit the Medical Library’s Learning Resource Center/Computing Lab for support.

Access to the Student Link allows you to register and add, drop, and change your classes as needed during registration, as well as view or print your class schedule, and see a summary of your status.

Use the Registration Planner on the Student Link before registration begins to plan, select, and adjust your classes.  The Planner can help you resolve potential enrollment issues, and save you time during registration by allowing you to quickly move your selected classes to your schedule.

The Planner does not guarantee enrollment in classes, and to finalize your enrollment you must move your classes from the Planner to your schedule during your registration time.

Add classes to the Planner by selecting the Academics tab then Registration. Select the appropriate Semester and Year, then Register for Class. Select the Planner and the Add option, then select Semester Classes.

Move classes to your schedule by accessing the Planner and marking the classes you wish to add, then clicking Add Classes to Schedule.

If you did not use the Planner, simply make your class selections then add them directly to your schedule.

If advising is required by your school, you will need to obtain an Academic Advising Code (AAC) before registration begins.

Current Schedules: Displays your current semester schedule.
Final Exam Schedule: Available about a month prior to final exam period.
Classes: Lists all the classes you have taken, and the respective grade you received for each.
Grades: Displays course grades for a selected semester.
External Credits and Test Scores: Includes scores from entrance and placement tests.
Transcript Preview: Displays an unofficial copy of your transcript.
Academic Summary: Includes your academic status, program information, overview of semester report, registration status, and advisor’s name. Previous semester information is available.
Advisors: Lists advisor(s) assigned by your school or college. Additionally, you may grant access to a faculty member for permission to your academic records.


Update your address and phone number online.

Parent Email Address:

Update the email address for your parent/guardian.

Privacy Preferences:

Change the status of your Privacy Preferences, which affect your record even after graduation.


Displays your full name as it appears on your University record, with instructions on how to have changes made, if necessary.

Personal Profile:

View demographic data on your record (Birth Date, Gender, Ethnicity, Marital Status, Religion, Employment, Country of Citizenship, and Visa—if applicable), as well as who has the right to access your records. Some of these fields may be updated by clicking on the item as instructed; to update a non-clickable field, please contact the Office of the University Registrar in person, or by phone (617 353-3612) or email ( for instructions.

Compliance Status:

Displays your compliance status with the requirements for registration.