The Program of Study Book is a comprehensive listing for all active programs of study, displaying the degree, major, and minor titles and abbreviations as they appear on transcripts, diplomas, and other official documents issued by the Office of the University Registrar.

American Studies CAS 21 0313 A

*The Hegis code defines the program type, see below
BA Degree program abbreviation
Bachelor of Arts Degree program description
American Studies Hegis code description
CAS College abbreviation
21 Degree program code
0313 Hegis code*
A Hegis type
Hegis Type Description
A Major
B Minor
C Subconcentration
D Control Group
E Specialization
F Certificate
G Diploma
H Graduate Certificate
I Graduate Diploma
J Advanced Graduate Certificate
K Advanced Graduate Diploma

Degree Programs by School or College:

CAS – College of Arts & Sciences
CFA – College of Fine Arts
CGS – College of General Studies
COM – College of Communication
ENG – College of Engineering
EOP – Center for English Language and Orientation Program (CELOP)
GRS – Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
LAW – School of Law
MED – School of Medicine
MET – Metropolitan College
QST-GRAD – Questrom School of Business
QST-UNG – Questrom School of Business (Undergraduate)
SAR – Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Science
SDM – School of Dental Medicine
SED – School of Education
SHA – School of Hospitality Administration
SPH – School of Public Health
SSW – School of Social Work
STH – School of Theology
SUM – Summer Term Program
XRG – Cross Registration

Non-Degree Programs by Certificates and Diplomas:

CERT-DIP – Boston University Non-Degree Certificates/Diplomas