Student Name on University Documents

Legal Name on Boston University Records

At this time, Boston University’s student information system, transcript, diploma, and degree verifications reflect an individual’s legal name. This means that all official documents related to student records at Boston University reflect the legal name of an individual. An individual’s legal name is defined as the name that identifies an individual for legal and official purposes. Legal name identifies an individual on official government records such as U.S. social security cards, state licenses, passports, and marriage or divorce decrees.

A Boston University student  who has completed a legal name change in Massachusetts or another state may update the name on their Boston University student record via the Personal Data Update form. Documentation of the legal name change must be submitted to the University. Upon receipt of this form and documentation, the legal name will be updated on official student records.

For information on the court process to change a name legally in Massachusetts please visit the website of the Massachusetts Court System. Students who may be non-US citizens should consult with the International Students and Scholars Office.

Display Name at Boston University

There are also opportunities where a Boston University student may use a display name. Your display name is the name that defines how you identify yourself and how you wish for others to identify you. Display name is a distinct field from legal name, and therefore the information you enter may be different from your legal name.  While changing your display name will not change your legal name within BU’s source of records, we are working to implement it in systems around the University – you can find a list of them here.


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