Faculty members can assign teaching assistants access to class lists and/or grading by following the following steps:

  1. Go to the Faculty Link
  2. Click on ‘Class Lists’ (first option under ‘Instructor’s Tools’)
  3. Click on the course you’d like to assign to a teaching assistant
  4. Click on ‘manage class’ at the top of the page
  5. Click on ‘authorize teaching assistants’
  6. Search for the teaching assistant by entering their name or BU ID#
  7. Select the correct individual’s name from the list of possible matches
  8. The start date for the access will be pre-populated with today’s date
  9. Select the access end date from the drop down menu
  10.  Select the access type (class lists or grading)
  11. Click on ‘Grant Access’
  12. If you would like to grant both access types to a teaching assistant, repeat the steps above

You can view the teaching assistants you’ve assigned to a class by going to ‘Class Lists’, selecting the class you’d like to view, and clicking on ‘manage class’ at the top of the screen.