Latin Honors

Among graduating seniors in each school or college, Latin Honors are awarded to the top 30% of the class as follows:

Summa Cum LaudeTop 5%
Magna Cum LaudeNext 10%
Cum LaudeNext 15%

The “break points” (GPA ranges corresponding to each of the honors categories) are determined for each school or college on February 4th of each year, based on the penultimate semester’s GPAs of the senior class. Honors are awarded based on the graduate’s GPA at the time they are applied:

  • May graduates on February 4*
  • August graduates on August 18
  • January graduates on January 6

*May graduates whose final semester grades improve their GPAs sufficiently to move them into a higher Latin Honors category will be assigned those honors.

Latin Honors will not be given for GPAs below 3.0.

In all schools and colleges, except the College of Engineering, PDP and OTP courses are excluded from Latin Honors calculations; ENG does not exclude OTP courses.

Some graduate programs award Latin Honors or School Honors; contact your school or college for more information.

Academic Announcements

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