The University holds a Commencement ceremony in May to honor all September, January, and May graduates. For more detailed information please visit the University’s Commencement website.

In addition to the All-University Commencement ceremony, each school or college holds a convocation ceremony where students are individually recognized and where the diploma will be distributed. Details and specific contact information for each convocation ceremony can be found at the School & College Convocations website.

January graduates can attend the upcoming May ceremonies and September graduates can attend the preceding May ceremonies. To select your ceremony attendance please review the Student Link > Academics > Diploma & Graduation tab. Double majors* and dual degree students will have more than one convocation attendance option.

*Some, not all Schools/Colleges may have different convocation ceremonies for certain majors

Your diploma will be sent to your School/College’s convocation ceremony, not the All-University commencement. It is up to your School/College as to how the diplomas are distributed. Double majors and dual degree students will have to indicate via the Student Link > Academics > Diploma & Graduation tab which convocation they’d like their diploma(s) distributed. If you are a double major student and no convocation selection is made then your diploma will default to be distributed at the convocation for the 1st major listed in your record. If you are a dual degree student and no selection is made then your diplomas will be separated and sent to the convocation for each School/College you’re graduating from.