Full-length lecture screencasts on iTunes U


We are proud to present full-length screencasts of the lectures held during the PASI in Valparaíso. These consist of video of the speaker’s computer screen (slides, animations, etc.), with the audio of the lecture room. Most of these videos captured the sound with the built-in microphone of the presenter’s laptop. Thanks to Anush Krishnan (Prof. Barba’s PhD student) for his hard work for the production of these screencasts.

Discussion Group

A Google group was created for informal exchanges among students and other participants to the PASI in Chile. We hope that this can continue to be active after the event, if only for occasional announcements of interest to the group that met in Valparaiso for the two intense PASI weeks.

Lecture Slides and YouTube Links

The PDF files of the lecture slides are available below. Visit the Courses section of the site for descriptions of each one of these lecture sets.

“GPU Computing and programming”

by Felipe Cruz,
Nagasaki Advanced Computing Center

“Building robust scientific codes”

by Dr Matthew Knepley,
University of Chicago Computation Institute

“Parallel performance and parallel algorithms”

by Prof. Ridgway Scott
University of Chicago

“GPU programming with PyOpenCL and PyCUDA”

by Dr. Andreas Klöckner
Courant Institute of Mathematics, New York University

“Advanced algorithmic techniques for GPUs”

by Prof. Wen-Mei Hwu
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

“Iterative methods for sparse linear systems on GPU”

by Dr. Nathan Bell
NVIDIA Research

“Python for parallel scientific computing”

by Dr. Lisandro Dalcin
Centro Internacional de Métodos Computacionales en Ingeniería

“12 steps to a fast multipole method on GPUs”

by Dr. Rio Yokota
Boston University

“Quarks, GPUs and multigrid”

by Prof. Richard Brower
Boston University

“Advanced computing in solid-earth geodynamics”

by Prof. Marc Spiegelman
Columbia University

“Boundary-integral methods in molecular science and engineering”

by Prof. Jaydeep Bardhan
Rush University Medical Center

“Computational methods for oil recovery:

by Dr. Luis de la Cruz
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


Here are the slides of the keynote presentations by Professors David Keyes and Professor Takayuki Aoki.

Lab Sessions

There are some lab Notes on a Google Document, prepared by Ben Payne. Thank you, Ben! Below, you can find various materials used during the hands-on lab sessions, including source code where available.

Rio Yokota

  • Take the challenge of the Treecode programming contest
  • Download the Source Codes— link to the Figshare repository, where the source code was deposited on Feb. 2015. Please cite this code as follows:
    Yokota, Rio; Barba, Lorena A. (2015): “12 steps to a fast-multipole method on GPUs”. figshare.

Andreas Klöckner

Nathan Bell

Lisandro Dalcin

  • To obtain the source codes (make sure Mercurial is installed):
    hg clone

Albert Sidelnik