Luis Miguel de la Cruz, PhD


About the speaker

Luis Miguel de la Cruz  has a BSc in Physics from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico (UNAM), an MSc from the same institution in Computer Science, and a PhD obtained at the Institute for Applied Mathematics and Systems Research (IIMAS, Mexico).  He was a staff member at the UNAM General Directorate for Academic Computing Services in the area of Scientific Computing and Virtual Reality, where he developed software for Lagrangian tracking of surfaces.

Dr de la Cruz was a recipient of a grant from the European-funded SCAT project (Scientific Computing Advanced Training) which took him on a postdoctoral visit to Daresbury Laboratories in the United Kingdom.

He has developed scientific software for natural convection problems, both laminar and turbulent, using finite volume methods, and object-oriented software for computational fluid dynamics using radial basis function meshfree methods.  He currently is an associate researcher in the Department of Natural Resources of the Institute of Geophysics of UNAM, and is working in computational aspects of a project for enhanced oil recovery, funded by Pemex and Conacyt.

The current research interests of Dr de la Cruz are mainly:

  • computational fluid dynamics
  • domain decomposition methods
  • new programming paradigms for numerical applications
  • multi-phase flows on porous media for enhanced oil recovery

Sample publications

  • Mixing with time-dependent natural convection, L. M. de la Cruz and E. Ramos, Int. Comm. Heat and Mass Transfer Vol. 33(2): 191–198 (2006) [doi:10.1016/j.icheatmasstransfer.2005.09.001]
  • Case study: Parallel Lagrangian visualization applied to natural convection, L. M. de la Cruz, I. Garcia, V. Godoy and E. Ramos, Proc. Symp. Parallel Visualization of Large Data, IEEE Visualization (2001) [10.1109/PVGS.2001.964402]