The local organizing committee has negotiated reduced rates in some hotels, listed below with a brief description and contact details.  Please note that you need to make your own reservations, but remember to quote “PASI” and “Universidad Santa Maria” when you do, to receive the negotiated discounts.

  • Note for lecturers: we will offer a shuttle service for all lecturers from their hotel, to and from the University campus.
  • Maps: all the hotel locations, and more in this Google map of Valparaiso.

Hotels in Valparaiso

Somerscales Hotel

This hotel is located in Cerro Alegre, in a remodeled historical building that was the residence of famed painter Thomas Somerscales (see some images by Google). Cerro Alegre is a very picturesque hill of Valparaiso, with many lovely little restaurants and colorful little streets to walk around.

The hotel is decorated in a classic, “antique” style and many rooms have gorgeous views of the Valparaiso Bay.  There is wireless internet, a jacuzzi and a large meeting room. This hotel is highly recommended for its location, and stately atmosphere. It is #7 in TripAdvisor’s popularity index for hotels in Valparaiso.

Negotiated prices for PASI attendees start at US$160 per night.  It is important that you mention that you are coming to an event hosted by “Universidad Santa Maria” to get the preferential rates.

  • Reservations: Hector Rodriguez, ph. +56-32-233 1006,
  • Address:  446 San Enrique, Cerro Alegre, Valparaiso.


One of the twin-bed rooms in Ultramar hotel.
One of the twin-bed rooms in Ultramar hotel.

This is a boutique hotel decorated in a modern “pop” style, located in Cerro Cárcel (the hill where, in the old days, the jail was located).  This is a little further up the hills of Valparaiso, and not as close to the fun little restaurants of Cerro Alegre. However, it is a fun hotel, really nicely presented, and you can still walk to the downtown area.

You can also take the “colectivo” up the hill, which is quite a steep climb! (Colectivos are a form of public transportation in Valparaíso like  a shared cab with a fixed route; they are cheap, but cozy, as they will seat four passengers in an economy car!)

Ultramar is located in a remodeled Italian-style two-storey building from 1907.  There are 16 rooms with large spaces, high ceilings, and a very unique ambience. Prices from US$75 per night.  Highly recommended for a relaxed but not luxurious stay.

  • Reservations: Myriam at +56-32-221 0000,
  • Address: 173 Calle Pérez, Cerro Cárcel, Valparaiso
  • Quote “PASI” for up to 20% discount.

Hotel Diego de Almagro

This hotel is located in the flat, commercial sector of Valparaiso (the locals call it “el plan”).  It is a four-star hotel, with all the facilities you expect: pool, gym, sauna, buffet breakfast, and restaurant. This hotel is #2 in TripAdvisor’s popularity index for hotels in Valparaiso. Preferential prices for guests of the university are US$125 per night—remember to ask for a room with a view! (in Spanish, “vista al mar”).

Hotel da Vinci

This boutique hotel is located in an listed house from the beginning of the 20th century, remodeled to receive guests in several rooms.   All rooms have private bathroom, wireless internet and cable TV, and the price includes breakfast.  Prices start from US$68 per night.

  • Reservations: Jacqueline Salas, ph. +56-32-317 4494,
  • Address:  426–428 Urriola, Cerro Alegre, Valparaiso.
  • Quote “PASI” for a 10% discount.

Economical accommodation for students

Hostal Reloj de Flores

Prices start at US$36 per night at this hostal located on the edge between Valparaiso and Viña del Mar. This place feels like staying at your aunt’s house, very homely and welcoming.  Look at the gallery of images on their website and you’ll know what we mean!

  • Reservations:  Dunetchka Cerpa at +56-32-296 7243,
  • Address: #70 Los Baños, Caleta Abarca, Viña del Mar
  • Quote “PASI” for a 10% discount.

Rincón de Valparaiso

For as little as US$20, you can stay in this hostal with breakfast included!  They also have internet.