The Institute will consist of mini-courses and tutorials, research talks, and hands-on sessions in a computer lab.  The approximate times allocated are:

  • Lecture courses:  14 sets of lectures, consisting of up to 4 one-hour slots each, for a total of approximately 40h of instruction.  There will also be 2 keynote presentations.
  • Tutorials:  4 tutorial sessions of 2h duration each for at otal of 12h of hands-on instruction
  • Laboratory:   open lab sessions to work on practical assignments
  • Discussion: several roundtable discussions on career issues and more.

Navigate to the various course descriptions using the menu on the right.  More course descriptions will be added as they become available.

Printable course descriptions

PASI Hamada course — Building and maintaining a cluster of GPUs

PASI Bardhan course — Boundary-integral methods in molecular science and engineering

PASI Yokota course — 12 steps to a Fast Multipole Method on GPUs