Vanessa Nakate’s Impactful Visit to Boston Culminates in African Studies Center’s 70th Gala

Vanessa Nakate, a prominent climate activist, Nobel Prize nominee, and Time Magazine cover feature, embarked on a transformative journey to Boston, where her visit left an indelible mark on various communities and culminated in the celebration of the 70th anniversary gala for the African Studies Center, which took place on September 29, 2023. Vanessa Nakate’s…

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ASC Commences Spring 2023 Walter Rodney Seminar Series

In the premier Rodney seminar, Chao Tayiana Maina presented her ongoing research and projects, including the Museum of British Colonialism and Open Restitution Africa (ORA), which aim to reverse the historical erasure and erosion from colonial enterprises and how the digital transfer of history helps to preserve it.

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Division of Regional Studies Holds Reception

The Division of Regional and Thematic Studies (DRS) at the Pardee School celebrated its first-ever gala reception at the Pardee School on Sept. 17.

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