The Role of Eco-Villages in Tanzania

  In another installment of the Spring 2024 Walter Rodney Seminar series, the African Studies Center hosted Dr. Christopher Graham, Research Affiliate at the Boston University African Studies Center, on March 25 to lead his presentation, titled “Eco-Villages Revisited: the Role of the Media, Political Ideology, and Public Opinion in Regreening Africa.” In a far-reaching…

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Mondesire Presents Walter Rodney Lecture on South Sudan and East African Cultural Politics

Professor Mondesire discussed the accession of South Sudan into the East African Community, issues that have cropped up amidst South Sudan’s membership, the challenges of a burgeoning state undertaking global citizenship, and the process of broader regional cooperation within the EAC.

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ASC Commences Spring 2023 Walter Rodney Seminar Series

In the premier Rodney seminar, Chao Tayiana Maina presented her ongoing research and projects, including the Museum of British Colonialism and Open Restitution Africa (ORA), which aim to reverse the historical erasure and erosion from colonial enterprises and how the digital transfer of history helps to preserve it.

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