MaxiFi Standard and MaxiFi Premium

MaxiFi Standard (formerly MaxiFi Planner) is a full, lifetime financial planning tool that determines how much to spend and save each year as well as how much life insurance to hold each year to ensure your family has the most stable possible living standard without putting you into debt. MaxiFi Standard also robo-optimizes your plan. It suggests Social Security benefit collection, retirement account benefit withdrawal, and retirement account annuitization strategies to maximize your lifetime spending. You can also use the tool to consider other safe ways to raise your lifetime spending including contributing more to retirement accounts, downsizing your home, switching jobs, or getting an advanced degree.

MaxiFi Premium includes all of MaxiFi Standard’s features, but also has fully precise Monte Carlo living standard simulations that show you your average living standard level and the risk to your living standard of investing as well as spending aggressively.

Developed by Boston University Professor Laurence Kotlikoff, MaxiFi software is powered by the patented Economic Security Computation Engine, and it allows you to build a lifetime financial road map using all your financial data.

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BU is providing faculty and staff with a coupon equal to the purchase price of the software.

To purchase either version of MaxiFi, contact BU Human Resources for your coupon code. Go to MaxiFi and select ‘Add to cart’. You must use your Boston University email account, otherwise the coupon will not work. Enter your coupon code to cover the purchase price of the software and proceed to checkout.

You will receive a login link at the email address that you use during the checkout process just like their paying customers do.