Convenience Points

With Convenience Points, students can pay for textbooks, eat at on-campus dining locations, buy everyday items, do laundry, and more. Students access their Convenience Points by using their Terrier Cards, just like a bank debit card. Every student assigned to on-campus housing has a Convenience Points Plan. Boston University opens Convenience Points Plans for all freshmen and transfer students assigned to on-campus housing for the academic year; the initial balance is $20 and there is no charge for this allotment.

How to Purchase

Convenience Points are purchased separately from dining plans. To start off the academic year, we recommend an opening balance of $800 in a Convenience Points account to cover basic needs.

Charge to Student Account

During the academic year, students may purchase Convenience Points as a charge to their student account to be billed at a later date:

  • By logging on to the MyBU Student Portal
  • By visiting the Terrier Card office at 25 Buick Street

Each semester during the academic year, students may charge up to $1,500 to their student account. As with any consumer payment obligation, exercise caution when charging to your account and plan your purchases wisely. For help with managing your money, visit Smart Money 101.

Pay by Check

Using a check during the academic year or summer, students may purchase any amount of Convenience Points in $25 increments.


Parents, family, and friends may purchase Convenience Points online as gifts to Boston University students with Convenience Points Plans.

Terms & Conditions

Your Convenience Points Plan will remain in effect as long as you are an officially registered student at Boston University. Your balance of Convenience Points will be carried over from the end of one academic year to the beginning of the summer and from the end of the summer to the beginning of the next academic year. Upon request in writing at the end of the academic year or at the end of the summer (whichever is applicable), the University will refund, in full, any unused Convenience Points balance that is $20 or greater. Read the full Terms & Conditions here.