[ThePointsGuy] Professor Makarand Mody Shares his Insight on Owner and Guest Rights at Airbnb

Professor Makarand Mody, Ph.D., was interviewed by The Points Guy to provide some insight into the rights of owners and renters on the Airbnb booking platform! The article focused on Airbnb’s recent string of incidents with the most recent being the shooting in Pittsburgh. Read More

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Boston University School of Hospitality Administration Bestows Annual Icon Award to the Founders of Airbnb: Brian Chesky, Nathan Blecharczyk, and Joe Gebbia At School’s 2022 Hospitality Leadership Summit

(March 16, 2022) Boston, MA – Boston University School of Hospitality Administration (BU SHA) is proud to announce that the third annual ICON award will be presented to Airbnb co-founders: Brian Chesky, CEO, Nathan Blecharczyk, Chief Strategy Officer, and Joe Gebbia, Chairman of Airbnb.org. The ICON award recognizes innovators who create new and transformative paradigms […]

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[Elsevier] Dr. Makarand Mody, Ph.D., Publishes an Article Exploring Effects of Airbnb on Non-hosting Residents

Dr. Makarand Mody, Ph.D., recently published an article in the Tourism Management Perspectives journal exploring the effects of Airbnb on non-hosting residents. The article, “Does Airbnb impact non-hosting Residents’ quality of life? Comparing media discourse with empirical evidence,” shows that despite the media’s portrayal of Airbnb disrupting residents’ quality of life, non-hosting residents tend to […]

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[Long Live Lodging] Professor Makarand Mody Finds Post-pandemic Travel Results in Alternative Lodging

In a recent Long Live Lodging article, Professor Makarand Mody, and his fellow researchers learned that people planning a trip this year are less likely to stay in hotels and more likely to book alternative lodging such as private homes listed on Airbnb.  Read More

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Does Airbnb have a homogenous impact?

Examining Airbnb’s effect on hotels with different organizational structures By: APOSTOLOS AMPOUNTOLAS, Ph.D. Abstract Although a number of studies have examined Airbnb’s impact on hotels, previous studies have yielded mixed results and are limited in their geographical scope. Additionally, the impact of Airbnb on hotels with different organizational structures has not been previously analyzed. Accordingly, […]

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The Airbnb paradox: Positive employment effects in the hospitality industry

 By Makarand Mody Abstract The purpose of this study is to examine the extent to which Airbnb supply affects employment in the hospitality, tourism, and leisure industries. Accordingly, we analyzed the effects of Airbnb supply on various sectors in the hospitality, tourism, and leisure industries in 12 major metropolitan statistical areas in the United States […]

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Airbnb 2.0: Is it a sharing economy platform or a lodging corporation?

By Makarand Mody Abstract Research on Airbnb has provided significant evidence that it has an adverse impact on hotel performance. However, the impact of a more recent Airbnb-related phenomenon that remains under-explored is the increasing professionalization of Airbnb and the prevalence of multi-unit hosts who offer more than one listing on the platform and are […]

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Parallel pathways to brand loyalty: Mapping the consequences of authentic consumption experiences for hotels and Airbnb.

By Makarand Mody Abstract The popularity of Airbnb has significantly affected the hotel industry. One of Airbnb’s fundamental value propositions is the concept of authenticity, but the hospitality and tourism literature is scant regarding what constitutes an authentic consumption experience in the lodging industry and how such authenticity generates brand loyalty. This study identifies two […]

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Adding evidence to the debate: Quantifying Airbnb’s disruptive impact on ten key hotel markets

By Makarand Mody Abstract Airbnb’s entry into the lodging landscape has dramatically increased the available supply of rooms for accommodating prospective visitors at a destination. In a competitive market, an increase in supply while keeping demand relatively constant would decrease prices and revenues. While Airbnb is expected to negatively impact the hotel industry, the effects […]

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Using segmentation to compete in the age of the sharing economy: Testing a core-periphery framework

By Makarand Mody Abstract Airbnb has emerged as a credible competitive threat to the hotel industry. Consequently, hotel brands are having to rethink the experiences they provide to customer in an increasingly competitive environment. Despite these trends in the industry, experience-related research that examines and informs these developments remains under-represented in the hospitality and tourism […]

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