Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The research convergence we enable at the Institute emerges from the communities we build. We value and are stronger for the diversity, equity, and inclusion in those communities. 

Working to Foster an Inclusive Community

The Hariri Institute works to improve diversity and foster an inclusive community by:

  • Incorporating DEI into the Hariri Institute’s strategic planning
  • Developing DEI as core values within the Institute by providing the resources, below
  • Implementing strategies to support diversity in hiring, retention, and growth within the Institute’s staff 
  • Supporting and developing research around DEI issues like algorithmic fairness, innovative data collection methods that respect anonymity, or methodologies for estimating and closing gender and racial wage gaps
  • Evaluating the Institute’s progress in meeting DEI objectives annually


The Hariri Institute requires that all staff employees complete the EverFi bias and DEI training modules. These trainings are strongly encouraged for all affiliated faculty and students, and can be found on Terrier eDevelopment by clicking here

The Hariri Institute has compiled documents around best practices in the hiring process as you consider how to fill vacant positions within your staffing unit. Boston University managers who wish to make use of these materials can click here to download them.

Boston University Diversity & Inclusion created Self-Guided D&I Learning Toolkits to support folks on their lifelong journey of learning and self-development. Click here to access the toolkits. 

We can and will do better in this space. Click here to read BU’s Diversity Statement.

We welcome ideas and feedback as we work together to foster an inclusive community. We encourage you to email your thoughts to hicadmin@bu.edu.