Computational Modeling and Data Sciences

Groundbreaking technological advances in recent decades have enabled unprecedented access to biological systems at multiple length and time scales, resulting in an explosion of data. This information holds the key to unraveling fundamental principles governing biological systems, engineering novel bio-inspired systems, and repairing systems that have been rendered dysfunctional by age or disease. With this promise comes a tremendous challenge: to distill and transform overwhelming amounts of information into knowledge that can improve human health and society. BU BME computational modeling and data science faculty apply rigorous quantitative and engineering methods to a tremendous variety of biological systems across length and time scales to seize this challenge.
         We process large-scale data sets from genomic, molecular, neural, and other systems. To make sense of these data, we employ quantitative frameworks from artificial intelligence, data science, statistics, and signal processing. We construct computational models to understand normal physiological function and dysfunction in diseases, including cancer, diabetes, sensory impairments, and lung disease. Our work bridges length scales from the protein to the whole organ. Finally, we design and engineer novel bioinspired systems, including biosensors, wearables, and brain-inspired algorithms, for a wide-range of applications in health and society.


Computational Modeling and Data Sciences Faculty 

Primary Faculty: David Boas, Charles Delisi, Mary Dunlop, Michael Economo, James GalaganXue Han, Simon Kasif, Laura Lewis, Hadi T. Nia, Kamal SenAllyson Sgro, Bela Suki, Lucia VainaSandor Vajda, John White

Research Faculty: Dmitri BeglovAurelie Edwards, Fernando Fernandez, Oded GhitzaBarbara Shinn-Cunningham

Affiliated Faculty: Douglas DensmoreFrank Guenther, Michael HasselmoPankaj Mehta, Elise Morgan, Ioannis Paschalidis, Benjamin Scott, Daniel Segrè, Cara Stepp

Emeritus: Steve Colburn, Stephen Grossberg, Temple Smith, Malvin Teich

Affiliated Research Centers

BME Computational Modeling and Data Sciences in the news:

Photoacoustic Stimulation with Single-Neuron Precision Developed by a BU Team

By Caroline Amato An article by a BU team entitled “Non-genetic Photoacoustic Stimulation of Single Neurons” will appear in Light: Science & Applications. This research is led by Professors Chen Yang (ECE, Chem, MSE) and Ji-Xin Cheng (ECE, BME, MSE) in collaboration with Professor John White (BME) and Professor Heng-Ye Man... More

Laura Lewis Named a Pew Scholar

Continuing a streak of honors for her ground-breaking research into the complex neural circuits that govern sleep, Assistant Professor Laura Lewis (BME) has been selected one of 22 early-career researchers to join the Pew Scholars Program. More

Professor Ji-Xin Cheng and Coworkers Published in Nature Communications

By Caroline Amato BU researchers reported an ultrafast fingerprint-stimulated Raman spectroscopic imaging platform, with broad applications to cancer metabolism, brain mapping, and biofuel production, in Nature Communications on May 24th, 2021.  This work was funded by grants from the Department of Energy and the NIH.  ECE Professors Ji-Xin Cheng and Lei Tian... More

Paschalidis Shares Health Data Findings in DeLisi Lecture

Professor Yannis Paschalidis (ECE, BME, SE) discussed data-driven reasoning—which he calls “the backbone of engineering systems”—and predictive health analytics as he delivered the Charles DeLisi Distinguished Lecture May 6 to an online audience of about 100 members of the Boston University community. The DeLisi Award and Lecture honors a senior faculty... More

One Small Step For A Mouse: Using Information Science to Understand the Brain

by Allison Kleber How does learning a new skill or process change the physical structure of the brain? Using techniques from data science and high-dimensional statistics, Professors Bobak Nazer (ECE), Venkatesh Saligrama (ECE, SE), and Xue Han (BME), aim to find out. Their project, titled “Discovering Changes in Networks: Fundamental Limits, More

Three ENG Faculty Named AIMBE Fellows

Three ENG faculty members have been elected to the College of Fellows of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE): Associate Professor Doug Densmore (ECE, BME), Associate Professor Mo Khalil (BME), and Professor Katherine Zhang (ME, BME, MSE). More

Lewis Awarded Sloan Fellowship

The award funding will further the biomedical engineer's research on brain function By Jessica Colarossi Laura Lewis (BME) has been awarded a 2021 Sloan Research Fellowship, one of the most prestigious awards for early-career scientists. Lewis and BU computer scientist Alina Ene are two of 126 fellows chosen this year, and... More