Frank Guenther, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Graduate Program for Neuroscience; Professor, (Speech, Language, & Hearing Science, BME)

Selected Recent Publications

Guenther, F.H., Cai, S., Ghosh, S.S., and Perkell, J.S. “Focal Manipulations of Formant Trajectories Reveal a Role of Auditory Feedback in the Online Control of Both Within-Syllable and Between-Syllable Speech Timing” Journal of Neuroscience . 31 (16483-90). (2011)
Guenther, F.H., Golfinopoulos, E., and Tourville, J.A. “The Integration of Large-Scale Neural Network Modeling and Functional Brain Imaging in Speech Motor Control” NeuroImage . 52 (862-874). (2010)
Guenther, F.H., Brumberg, J.S., Wright, E.J., Nieto-Castanon, A., Tourville, J.A., Panko, M., Law, R., Siebert, S.A., Bartels, J.L., Andreasen, D.S., Ehirim, P., Mao, H., and Kennedy, P.R. “A Wireless Brain-Machine Interface for Real-Time Speech Synthesis” PLoS ONE . 4 (12). (2009)
Guenther, F.H., Ghosh, S.S., and Tourville, J.A. “Neural Modeling and Imaging of the Cortical Interactions Underlying Syllable Production Brain and Language . 96 (280-301). (2006)

Department or Division: Biomedical Engineering

Affiliation: Primary & Affiliated Faculty