Simon Kasif, Ph.D.

Professor (BME, Bioinformatics, Computer Science)

Prof. Kasif is a co-founder of the Center for Advanced Genomic Technology (CAGT) with Charles DeLisi, co-founder of COMBREX: COMPUTATIONAL BRIDGES TO EXPERIMENTS PROJECTwith Rich Roberts and Martin Steffen,, and a member of the I2B2 Center (Informatics for Integrating Biology and Bedside). He was a participant in the Human Genome Consortium that produced the first public draft of the human genome. His contributions to Computational Biology include the co-development of Glimmer, one of the most widely used gene finders in the community (with Steven Salzberg and Art Delcher), Mummer, the first whole genome comparative alignment system (with Salzberg and Delcher), early advocacy of the use of Bayesian probabilistic networks (graphical models) in Computational Biology (1992), introduction of probabilistic functional linkage networks for gene function prediction , (with Stan Letovsky), and an early deployment of network signatures of disease (with Zak Kohane and Manway Liu) for diabetes as part of I2B2 activities. 


Department or Division: Biomedical Engineering

Affiliation: Primary & Affiliated Faculty