Michael Hasselmo, Ph.D.

Director of Center for Systems Neuroscience; Professor of (Psychological and Brain Science, BME)


  • Kraus BJ, Robinson RJ II, White JA, Eichenbaum H, and Hasselmo ME (2013) Hippocampal ‘time cells’: Time versus path integration. Neuron 78: 1090-1101.
  • McKenzie S, Frank AJ, Kinsky NR, Porter B, Rivière PD, Eichenbaum H (2014) Hippocampal representation of related and opposing memories develop within distinct, hierarchically-organized neural schemas. Neuron 83:202-215.
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  • Eichenbaum H and Cohen NJ (2014) Can we reconcile the declarative memory and spatial navigation views of hippocampal function? Neuron 83:764-770.

Department or Division: Biomedical Engineering

Affiliation: Primary & Affiliated Faculty