Béla Suki, Ph.D.

Professor, (BME, MSE)

In the News

  • ENG Faculty Win Ignition Awards

    ENG faculty Mark Grinstaff, Wilson Wong, and Béla Suki have won 2023 BU Ignition Awards. Given by BU Technology Development, the awards aim to advance promising new science and technology. [ More ]

Convergent Themes

Béla Suki is an active interdisciplinary researcher in the following areas:

Synthetic Biology, Tissue Engineering, & Mechanobiology |͟↗̱|

Our research transcends disciplines across Boston University and the College of Engineering, drawing upon diverse thinking to solve societal challenges.


Departments or Divisions: Biomedical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering

Affiliations: Primary & Affiliated Faculty, Synthetic Biology, Tissue Engineering & Mechanobiology