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Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science
35th Annual Program

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Foundations of Quantum Mechanics: A Symposium in Honor of Abner Shimony

September 19-20, 1994
Physics Research Building, Room 593
3 Cummington Street
Cosponsored by the Boston University Department of Philosophy

  • Chairmen Robert S. Cohen and John Stachel, Boston University

  • Yakir Aharonov, Tel Aviv University and the University of South Carolina

  • Abhay Ashtekar, Pennsylvania State University

  • Michael Clauser, University of California, Berkeley

  • Edward Fry, Texas A&M University

  • Sheldon Goldstein, Rutgers University

  • Daniel Greenberger, City College, CUNY

  • Michael Horne, Stonehill College

  • Don Howard, University of Kentucky

  • David Mermin, Cornell University

  • Philip Pearle, Hamilton College

  • Roger Penrose, Oxford University

  • Sahotra Sarkar, McGill University

  • S.S. Schweber, Brandeis University

  • Lee Smolin, Pennsylvania State University

  • Howard Stein, University of Chicago

The Struik Centenary: A Celebration

September 22, 1994
Twelfth-Floor Lounge
BU School of Law

  • Multiculturalism in the History of Mathematics

    Dirk J. Struik, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Struik’s Role in Differential Geometry

    John Stachel, Boston University

  • Struik as an Editor of Marx: Philosophy, Politics, and Mathematics

    Robert S. Cohen, Boston University

Competing Views of Knowledge in James Joyce

October 11, 1994
Room 525
BU School of Theology

  • John Kidd, Boston University

Are We Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On? A Critique of Reductionism An Inaugural Lecture

October 27, 1994
Barrister’s Hall
BU School of Law
Cosponsored with the Boston University Department of Philosophy

  • Stanley Rosen, Boston University

    Chairman: John Silber, Boston University

Theory, Observation, and Cosmological Controversy

November 8, 1994
Room 525
BU School of Theology
Funded in part by the Dibner Fund

  • Stanley Rosen, Boston University

    Chairman: John Silber, Boston University

Ensuring Trustworthy Research

November 14-15, 1994
Barristers Hall
BU School of Law
Cosponsored with the Cultural Service of the French Embassy

November 14th

Afternoon Session, 1pm – 5:30pm

  • Chairman: Alfred Tauber, Boston University

  • From Pseudoscience, via Popular Science, to a Professional Science: Evolutionary Biology and the Question of Standards

    Michael Ruse, University of Guelph

  • Two Problems: The Vulnerability of Junior Researchers Who Raise Concerns, and Distinguishing Research Ethics from the Legal Framework

    John Edsall, Harvard University

  • Policies on AuthorshipL A Graduate Student Perspective

    Mary Rose, Duke University

    Commentator: Tyson Browning, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Criteria for a Decent Trust in Research

    Caroline Whitbeck, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Evening Session, 8pm

  • Chairwoman: Caroline Whitbeck, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Care and Feeding of Distrust: The View of a Journal Editor

    Drummond Rennie, University of California, San Francisco

  • A Scientist’s View of the Collection, Selection, and Analysis and Interpretation of Data

    Stephanie Bird and David Housman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

November 15th

Afternoon Session, 1pm – 5:30pm

  • Chairman: Michael Grodin, Boston University

  • NSF Experience with Research Misconduct: Remedial Ethics for Recalcitrant Researchers

    Donald Buzzelli, National Science Foundation

  • The Notion of Evidence in Archeology

    Alain Schnapp, Université de Paris I, Paris

  • Science in the Adversarial Society

    Michael Baram, Boston University

  • How are Scientific Corrections Made?

    Nelson Kiang, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary

Evening Session, 8pm

  • Chairman: Michael Rosen, Boston University

  • How Effective Can Research Guidelines Be?

    Eleanor Shore, Harvard University

  • What is Required in an Office of Research Ombudsperson?

    Ruth Fishback, Harvard Medical School

  • Commentator: Boris Magasanick, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Frances Yate’s Thesis on Science and Occultism: Some Reflections

December 6, 1994
Room 525
BU School of Theology
Funded in part by the Dibner Fund

  • Moshe Idel, Hebrew University

Representationalism and Beyond

December 15, 1994
Room 525
BU School of Theology

  • Benny Shanon, Hebrew University

Limits of Scientific Analysis

January 16, 1995
Barristers Hall
BU School of Law
Funded in part by the Dibner Fund

Morning Session, 8:30am – 12:00pm

  • Experimenter Effects in Behavioral Research: Covert Communication

    Robert Rosenthal, Harvard University

  • Causes and Effects: Actions and Outcomes – A Statistical Problem of Missing Data

    Donald Rubin, Harvard University

  • Using Scientific Methods to Resolve Controversies in the History and Philosophy of Science

    David Faust, University of Rhode Island

Afternoon Session, 2pm – 5pm

  • Testing Theories of Scientific Change: Meta-analytic Approaches

    Frank Sulloway, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Multivariate Models of Scientific Change

    Miriam Solomon, Temple University and Dibner Institute

  • The Limits of Analysis

    Stanley Rosen, Boston University

Gödel’s General Philosophical Significance

February 6-7, 1995
Barristers Hall
BU School of Law

February 6th

Afternoon Session, 2pm – 5pm

  • Philosophy as Gödel Saw It

    Hao Wang, Rockefeller University

  • Should a Working Mathematician Fear the Consequences of Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem?

    Gerald Sacks, Harvard University

  • On Gödel’s General Philosophical Outlook

    Warren Goldfarb, Harvard University

Evening Session, 8pm – 10pm

  • Gödel

    Burton Dreben, Boston University

  • What Hath Gödel Wrought?

    John Dawson, Pennsylvania State University

February 7th

Morning Session, 10am – 12pm

  • Gödel’s Encounters with Intuition in Geometry, Set Theory, and Physics

    Judson Webb, Boston University

  • Length and Structure of Proofs

    Rohit Parikh, Graduate Center, CUNY

Afternoon Session, 2pm – 5pm

  • Gödel and the Foundation of Set Theory

    Jaako Hintikka, Boston University

  • Do the Axioms of Set Theory “Force Themselves upon Us as Being True”?

    George Boolos, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Gödel and the Concept of Meaning in Mathematics

    Thomas Tymoczko, Smith College

Tactics and Strategies for the Introduction of Novelties in Italy at the Time of the Cimento

February 14, 1995
Room 525
BU School of Theology
Funded in part by the Dibner Fund

  • Domenico Bertoloni Meli, Wellcome Institute and Dibner Institute

    Commentator: Mordechai Feingold, Virginia Polytech Institute and Dibner Institute

Natural Law, Natural Rights, and the Enlightenment “Science” of Morals An Inaugural Lecture

March 29, 1995
Barristers Hall
BU School of Law
Cosponsored by the Boston University Philosophy Department

  • Knud Haakonssen, Boston University

    Commentator: Charles Griswold, Boston University

The Construction of Scientific Memory: A Historiography of Commemorative Rites

April 10-11, 1995
Barristers Hall
BU School of Law
Cosponsored by the Cultural Service of the French Embassy, and funded in part by the Dibner Institute

April 10th

Morning Session, 9am – 12pm

  • Chairwoman: Pnina Abir-Am, Boston University

    Commentator: Charles Maier, Harvard University

  • Scientific Banquets: On the Rituals of Legitimization of Disciplines and Ideas

    Thomas Glick, Boston University

  • The “Mosaic” of Memory: The Ethnographic Genre in the Study of Scientists’ Autobiographies

    Michael Fischer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • History at Therapy: On Foucault’s Notions of Memory and Countermemory

    Yemima Ben Menachem, Hebrew University

  • The One and Only Commemoration of N. Bourbaki: A Unique Memory of French Mathematics

    Liliane Beaulieu, Université de Québec à

Afternoon Session, 2pm – 5pm

  • Chairman: Everett Mendelsohn, Harvard University

  • Commemorations of Linnaeus in Sweden

    Lisbet Koerner, Harvard University

  • Centennial and Bi-Centennial Images of Lavoisier

    Bernadette Bensaud Vincent, Université de Paris X, Nanterre

  • The Celebration of Scientific Progress in the Positivist Calendars of Comte’s Disciples

    Annie Petit, Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand

  • The Centennial of the École Polytechnique: Between the Republic Cock and the Imperial Hen

    Anoushe Kavar, Bibliotheque de France, Paris

Evening Session, 8pm – 10pm

  • Chairman and Commentator: Mario Biagioli, UCLA and Dibner Institute

  • The Copernican Quinquicentennial and Its Predecessors

    Owen Gingerich, Harvard University and Smithsonian Observatory

  • Changing Images of the Commemorations of Newton, Franklin, and Jefferson

    I. Bernard Cohen, Harvard University

April 11th

Morning Session, 8:30am – 12pm

  • Chairwoman: Liah Greenfeld, Boston University
    Commentators: Jed Buchwald, Dibner Institute and MIT and Margaret Rossiter, Cornell University and Isis Journal

  • The Tercentenary of Harvard University in 1936: The Scientific Dimension

    Clark Elliott, Harvard University

  • The UC Berkeley Campus: A Symbol of the Research University, 1950-1961

    A. Hunter Dupree, Brown University

  • The 50th Anniversaries of the Los Alamos and Lawrence-Livermore National Laboratories: Diverging Legacies of World War II

    Robert W. Seidel, Charles Babbage Research Institute and University of Minnesota

  • The Anniversaries of CERN: Between Big Science and European Integration

    Dominique Pestre, Centre de Recherche en Histoire des Sciences et de Techniques, Paris, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, La Villette, and Harvard University

Afternoon Session, 2:00pm – 5:30pm

  • Chairman: Alfred Tauber, Boston University
    Commentator: Ernst Mayr, Harvard University

  • The Bicentennial of the Museé d’Histoire Naturelle

    Claudine Cohen, Centre Koyré, Paris

  • Darwinism as a Discipline: The 1939 Soviet Celebration

    Mark Adams, University of Pennsylvania

  • The Darwin Centennial in America: A Disciplinary Ritual in Evolutionary Biology

    V. Betty Smocovitis, University of Florida, Gainesville

Afternoon Session, 2:00pm – 5:30pm

  • Chairman: Robert S. Cohen, Boston University

  • The Anniversaries of Research Schools in Molecular Biology as Historiographical Rites of Passage

    Pnina Abir-Am, Boston University

  • Celebrating Bernal Celebrating Science

    Everett Mendelsohn, Harvard University

Teleology: Kantian and Hegelian Perspectives

April 13, 1995
Barrister’s Hall
BU School of Law
Cosponsored by the Boston University Department of Philosophy

  • Kant on Induction and Teleology

    Juliet Floyd, CUNY and Boston University

  • Kant’s Teleology: Life as the Prototype of Intelligence

    Leon Chernyak, Boston University

  • Hegel on the Animal Organism

    Klaus Brinkmann, Boston University

Reduction, Emergence, and their Respective Heuristics

April 24-25, 1995
Barrister’s Hall
BU School of Law
Cosponsored with the Cultural Service of the French Embassy

April 24th

Evening Session, 8pm – 10pm

  • Physical and Phenomenological Reductionisms

    Henri Atlan, Université de Paris VI and the Hadassah Medical Center, Hebrew University

  • Ontology and Epistemology of Reduction

    Abner Shimony, Boston University

April 25th

Morning Session, 9am – 12pm

  • Lessons from Condensed Matter Physics: Microscopic to Macroscopic

    Daniel Fisher, Harvard University

  • Patterns of Reduction in Quantum Mechanics and Condensed Matter Physics

    Sahotra Sarkar, McGill University

  • The Irreducibility of Cosmology and Statistical Physics

    David Layzer, Harvard University

Afternoon Session, 2pm – 6pm

  • Valid vs Invalid Reduction and Emergence

    Ernst Mayr, Harvard University

  • The Text Within: DNA as Literature

    Robert Pollack, Columbia University

  • Dialectics and Systems Analysis: The Study of Loosely Articulated Systems

    Richard Levins, Harvard University

Evening Session, 8pm – 10pm

  • What are Parts Without Wholes?

    Richard Lewontin, Harvard University

  • Reduction and Behavioral Determinism in Simple and Complex Organisms

    Kenneth Schaffner, George Washington University

Mathematization of Motion at the Turn of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

May 2, 1995
Room 525
BU School of Theology
Funded in Part by the Dibner Fund

  • Michel Blay Centre, Centre de la Recherche Scientifique, and Dibner Institute

Science and Misogyny: The Academia Die Lincei (1603-1631)

May 9, 1995
Room 525
BU School of Theology
Funded in Part by the Dibner Fund

  • Mario Biagioli, University of California, Los Angeles, and Dibner Institute

Riemann and the Problem of Space

May 16, 1995
Room 525
BU School of Theology
Funded in Part by the Dibner Fund

  • Umberto Bottazzini, Universita di Palermo, and Dibner Institute


The following symposia were cosponsored by The Center for Philosophy and History of Science:

International Conference: The Vienna Circle and Contemporary Science and Philosophy: In Memory of Tscha Hung

October 21-24, 1994
Beijing, China
Cosponsored with the Institute of Philosophy, Chinese Academy of Social Science, and the International Union of History and Philosophy of Science

  • Chairman: Qiu Renzong, Institute of Philosophy, Academy of Social Science, Bejing
    Chairman: Robert S. Cohen, Boston University

Classical Influences in Science and Medicine from Late Antiquity to the Modern Period

March 8-9, 1995
725 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA
Cosponsored with the International Society for the Classical Tradition and the Institute for the Classical Tradition at Boston University

  • Chairman: Wolfgang Haase, Boston University

Conceptual Issues at the Interface Between Immunology and Epidemiology

May 22-25, 1995
Santa Marie Imbaro, Italy
Cosponsored with Consorzio Mario Negri Sud

  • Chairperson: Mariam Balaban, Consorzio Mario Negri Sud and Boston University
    Chairperson: Antonio Cambrosio, McGill University