Archives 1975-1976

Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science
16th Annual Program

Is There a Logic of Empirical Sciences?

September 9, 1975

  • Maria Luisa Dalla Chiara, University of Florence

    Commentators: Joseph Agassi, Boston University; John Stachel, Boston University

The Misuse of Models in Physics

September 23, 1975

  • Heinz R. Post, Chelsea College

    Commentator: Earle L. Lomon, M.I.T.

Marxian Paradigms Versus Microeconomic Structures

October 14, 1975

  • Werner Leinfellner, University of Nebraska

    Commentator: Herbert Gintis, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Competence Versus Performance in the Growth of Scientific

November 4, 1975

  • Sandra G. Harding, SUNY, Albany

    Commentator: Ned Block, M.I.T.

Effectiveness – Does the Orthodox Church View Need Re-Examination?

November 18, 1975

  • Rohit Parikh, Boston University

    Commentator: George S. Boolos, M.I.T.

Natural Selection and Human Behavior

December 2, 1975

  • Richard C. Lewontin, Harvard University; Robert Trivers, Harvard University

    Commentator: Norman Daniels, Tufts University

On the Relevance of Biology to Understanding Human Social Behavior

January 27, 1976

  • Michael A. Simon, University of Connecticut

    Commentator: E. O. Wilson, Harvard University

Social Science Methodology as the Ideology of Authority in Organization. The Moral Universe of the Corporate Executive

February 10, 1976

  • Alasdair MacIntyre, Boston University

    Commentator: Hugo Bedau, Tufts University

The Status of the Rationality Principle in the Social Sciences

February 24, 1976

  • Spiro J. Latsis, Boston University

    Commentator: Noretta Koertge, Indiana University

The Apparition of Clonal Man

March 16, 1976

  • Leon Eisenberg, Harvard Medical School

    Commentator: David Solomon, University of Notre Dame and Boston University

Formal Languages and Natural Languages: A Tenable Dualism

March 23, 1976

  • J. M. Moravcsik, Stanford University

    Commentators: Jerry Fodor, M.I.T.; Gilbert Harman, Princeton University

Tracking Down the Misplaced Concreton in the Neurosciences

April 6, 1976

  • Armand Siegel, Boston University

  • Commentator: Jeffrey Rosen, Boston University

Knowledge and Verification in the Tractatus

April 13, 1976

  • Brian F. McGuinness, The Queen’s College, Oxford

    Commentator: John N. Findley, Boston University 

Causation in Medicine: The Disease Model

April 27, 1976

  • Caroline Whitbeck, SUNY, Albany

  • Commentator: Barbara Rosenkrantz, Harvard University

Theories of Plausibility

May 4, 1976

  • Rista Hilpinen, University of Turku (Finland)

    Commentators: Isaac Levi, Columbia University; Sylvain Bromberger, M.I.T.