Archives 1969-1970

Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science
10th Annual Program

Human Powers

October 16, 1969

  • Rom Harre, Philosophy, Oxford University

    Commentator: Charles Taylor, Philosophy, University of Montreal

Perception and Philosophy of Science

October 28, 1969

  • Huseyin Yilmaz, Physics, Communications Machines, Inc.

    Commentator: Edmond M. Dewan, Physics, Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories

Clinical Judgement and ‘Basic Science’

November 4, 1969

  • Alvin Feinstein, M.D., Department of Medicine and Epidemiology; Yale University School of  Medicine

    Commentators: Richard Wolff, M.D., Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Hospital; Joseph Agassi, Philosophy, Boston University

Individual, Community and Change: Two Lectures

November 13, 1969

I. Community Pathology and Personal Effectiveness

  • Kenneth B. Clark, Psychology, Metropolitan Applied Research Center, N.Y.

II. Social Perception and Social Change

  • I. C. Jarvie, Anthropology, York University, Toronto

Verification of Statistical Predictions

November 25, 1969

  • Mark Kac, Mathematics, Rockefeller University

    Commentator: Henry Kyburg, Logic, University of Rochester

University Centennial Symposium: The Logic of Scientific Discovery

December 11, 1969

  • Karl Popper, Philosophy, London School of Economics and Brandeis University

Philosophical Foundations of Science

Symposia Sponsored Jointly by the Boston Colloquium and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS Annual Meeting)

War Memorial Room 103
December 27, 28, 29, 1969

Physics and the Explanation of Life

  • Eugene P. Wigner, Princeton University

  • J. Bronowski, The Salk Institute

  • Isaac Asimov, Boston University Medical School

  • Chairman: George Wald, Harvard University

Present Status of the Unity of Science Thesis

  • Peter Achinstein, John Hopkins University

  • Herbert Bohnert, Michigan State University

  • Kenneth Schaffner, University of Pittsburgh

  • Comments: Gerald Holton, Harvard University

  • Robert S. Cohen, Boston University

  • Chairman: Ernest Nagel, Columbia University

Brain and Language

  • Noam Chomsky, M.I.T.

  • Norman Geschwind, Harvard Medical School

  • Eric Lenneberg, Cornell University

  • Comments: Stephen Toulmin, Michigan State University

  • Chairman: Marx Wartofsky, Boston University

Objectivity in Anthropology

  • Judith Agassi, Radcliffe Institute

  • Ian Jarvie, York University

  • Jacob Gruber, Temple University

  • Paul Collins, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • Anthony Leeds, University of Texas

  • Chairman: John M. Roberts, Cornell University

    Current Problems of Cosmology

    • Peter Bergmann, Syracuse University

    • E. R. Harrison, University of Massachusetts

    • Philip Morrison, M.I.T.

    • John Wheeler, Princeton University

    • David Layzer, Harvard University

    • Chairman: John Stachel, Boston University

    Comparative History and Sociology of Science

    • Benjamin Schwartz, Harvard University

    • Benjamin Nelson, The New School

    • Robert S. Cohen, Boston University

    • Stephen Toulmin, Michigan State University

    • Karl H. Niebyl, Temple University and University of Connecticut

    • Comments: Ernan McMullin, University of Notre Dame

    • Chairman: Joseph Agassi, Boston University

    Two Types of Continuity

    January 15, 1970

    • Milic Capek, Philosophy, Boston University

      Commentator: R.S. Cohen, Physics, Boston University

    The Formal Presentation of Physical Quantities

    January 27, 1970

    • Bas Van Fraasen, Philosophy, University of Toronto

      Commentators: John Stachel, Physics, Boston University; E. J. Post, Physics, Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories

    Scientific Rationality and the Politics of Revolution

    February 10, 1970

    • Margarete Buber-Neumann

      Commentator: Marx Wartofsky, Philosophy, Boston University

    Methodology or Heuristics, Strategy or Tactics

    March 10, 1970

    • George Polya, Mathematics, Stanford University

      Commentator: Marvin Minsky, Mathematics, M.I.T.

    On Human Reason

    TBD, 1970

    • Michael Polanyi, Philosophy and Chemistry, Oxford University

    Hidden Variables and Quantum Logic

    April 14, 1970

    • Jeffrey Bub, Philosophy, Yale University

      Commentator: Abner Shimony, Physics and Philosophy, Boston University

    Frege’s Theory of Meaning: Three Lectures

    April 27, 28, 29, 1970

    • Alonzo Church, Logic, University of California, Los Angeles