Archives 1967-1968

Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science
8th Annual Program

Measurement and Role of Quantitative and Qualitative Knowledge

October 3, 1967

  • Jerzy A. Wojciechowski, University of Ottawa

Induction and the Notion of Necessity

October 24, 1967

  • Edward H. Madden, State University of New York at Buffalo

    Commentator: Robert Greenberg, Brandeis University

Implications of a New Axiom Set for Quantum Logic

November 7, 1967

  • Ransom Marlow, Boston University

    Commentator: Abner Shimony, M.I.T.

Would You Believe a Logic of Religion?

November 21, 1967

  • Joseph Clark, Cansius College

  • Commentator: Willard van Orman Quine, Harvard University

Criteria For a Theory of Gravitation

December 12, 1967

  • John Stachel, Boston University

    Commentator: Peter Havas, Temple University

The Intelligibility of Social Phenomena

January 23, 1968

  • Erazim Kohak, Boston University

  • Commentators: Victor Walter, Boston University; Kurt H. Wolff, Brandeis University

Euler and Kant: Concept Formation in Science and Metaphysics

February 6, 1968

  • Yehuda Elkana, Harvard University

  • Commentator: Milic Capek, Boston University

Statistical Mechanics as a Deductive Science

February 13, 1968

  • Armand Siegal, Boston University

  • Commentators: Robert S. Cohen, Boston University; Charles R. Willis, Boston University

On Empirical Knowledge

February 27, 1968

  • Ruth Anna Putnam, Wellesley College

  • Commentator: John Compton, Vanderbilt University

Theories and Hypotheses in Biology

March 12, 1968

  • June Goodfield Toulmin, Wellesley College

  • Commentator: Ernst Mayr, Harvard University

    The Epistemology of Perception

    March 26, 1968

    • Robert Efron, Veterans Administration Hospital

    • Commentators: Seymour Papert, MIT; Marx W. Wartofsky, Boston University

    Some Methodological Problems of Anthropology

    April 22, 1968

    • Michael Martin, Boston University

    • Commentator: Bruce Aune, University of Massachusetts

    Mathematics in the Resolution of Philosophical Problems in Fourteenth Century Mechanics

    May 14, 1968

    • John Murdoch, Harvard University

      Commentator: Ernan McMullin, University of Notre Dame

    Has Dicke’s Solar Quadrupole Moment Theory Refuted General Relativity Theory?

    May 15, 1968

    • Wolfgang Yourgreau, University of Denver

      Commentators: Robert S. Cohen, Boston University; John Stachel, Boston University