1968-1969 Archives

Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science
9th Annual Program

Theory of Language and Philosophy of Science as Instruments of Educational Reform, Wittgenstein and Popper

October 7, 1968

  • W.W. Bartley III, University of Pittsburgh

    Commentator: Marx W. Wartofsky, Boston University

The Marxist Concept of Science

October 22, 1968

  • Quentin Lauer, Fordham University

    Commentator: Robert S. Cohen, Boston University

Bible Criticism and Social Science in the 17th Century

TBD, 1968

  • Richard Popkin, University of California, San Diego (Brandeis University, Fall 1968)

    Commentator: Daniel Greenberg, Sudbury Valley School

Newton ‘Inertia’: Its Historical Origins

November 20, 1968

  • Vincent E. Smith, Sarah Lawrence College

  • Commentators: I. Bernard Cohen, Harvard University

  • Robert S. Cohen, Boston University

Pragmatics and the Logic of Induction

November 26, 1968

  • Paul Durbin, Lincoln University, Pennsylvania

    Commentators: Joseph Agassi, Boston University; Zdislaw Cackowski, Marie Curie-Sklodowska University

An Inductive Logic of Theories

December 3, 1968

  • Mary Hesse, University of Cambridge

  • Commentators: Joseph Agassi, Boston University; Sylvain Bromberger, M.I.T.; Abner Shimony, Boston University

I Know Where I’m Going: Concepts of Self-Development in Existential Psychology

December 17, 1968

  • Bernard Elevitch, Boston University

  • Pavel Kovaly, Czechoslovak Academy of Science

Ontic Commitments of Quantum Mechanics

January 14, 1969

  • Edward MacKinnon, Boston College

  • Commentator: John Stachel, Boston University

Quantum Logic Does Not Have to be Non-Classical

January 21, 1969

  • Patrick Heelan, Fordham University (Boston University, Fall 1968)

  • Commentator: David Finklestein, Yeshiva University

Witigenstein, Buhler, and the Psychology of Language

January 23, 1969

  • Stephen Toulmin, Brandeis University

  • Commentator: Bernard Kaplan, Clark University

    Early 19th Century Physiology and the Subjective World

    February 4, 1969

    • Mikulas Teich, Czechoslovak Academy of Science (Harvard University, 1968-1969)

    • Commentator: Otto Marx, Boston University Medical School

    Emergence, Discontinuity and Uniformitarianism

    February 25, 1969

    • Hilde Hein, Radcliffe Institute

    • Commentators: Valentine Dusek, University of New Hampshire; Mihailo Markovic, University of Belgrade, Jugoslavia

    Kant, Marx and the Modern Rationality

    March 4, 1969

    • Jindrich Zeleny, Czechoslovak Academy of Science, Prague

      Commentator: Paul Feyerabend, University of California, Berkeley 

    Concept of Matter in Islamic Science

    March 18, 1969

    • Najm Bezirgan, University of Texas

      Commentator: Alexander Altmann, Brandeis University

    Explanation and Scientific Progress

    April 1, 1969

    • Dudley Shapere, University of Chicago

      Commentator: Stephen Toulmin, Brandeis University

    History of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox in Quantum Mechanics

    April 22, 1969

    • Max Jammer, Bar-Ilan University

      Ramat-Gan, Israel (Columbia University, 1968-1969)

    The Structure of Ignorance

    May 6, 1969

    • Sylvain Bromberger, MIT

    • Commentator: Alan Anderson, University of Pittsburgh

    The Radical Elimination of Cartesian Dualism From the Science of Light and Color

    May 13, 1970

    • F.J. Zucker, University of Hamburg

      Commentator: Jerome Lettvin, MIT