Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science
7th Annual Program

Newton’s Use of Hypotheses: Conflicting Interpretations of Philosophers and Historians of Science

October 10, 1966

  • Bernard Cohen, Harvard University

    Commentator: Norwood Russell Hanson, Yale University

The Quantum State Vector and Physical Reality

October 25, 1966

  • Peter Bergmann, Syracuse University

    Commentator: Hugh Pendleton, Brandeis University

Schemapiric Aspects of Measurement: Symposium

November 15, 1966

  • S. S. Stevens, Harvard University

    Commentator: Bernard Gunstra, University of Pennsylvania

Knowledge, Rationality and Language

November 28, 1966

  • Henryk Skolimowski, University of Southern California

  • Commentators: Stephen Toulmin, Brandeis University; Robert Beck, Clark University

Symmetry in Physics: Symposium

December 13, 1966

  • Paul Roman, Boston University

    Victor Weisskoff, M.I.T.

Mach Today: Symposium

January 9, 1967

  • Milic Capek, Boston University

  • Robert S. Cohen, Boston University

Twenty-Seven Uses of Science in Ethics

February 7, 1967

  • Abraham Edel, City College of New York

  • Commentators: Sydney Cavell, Harvard University; John Ladd, Brown University

Casual Connection

February 27, 1967

  • William Ruddick, M.I.T.

  • Commentator: Melvin Schuster, Boston University

On Empiricism in Mathematical Philosophy

March 20, 1967

  • Imre Lakatos, London School of Economics

  • Commentator: John van Heijenhoort, Brandeis University

Conceptual Questions in Contemporary Psychology

April 11, 1967

  • Jerry Fodor, M.I.T.

  • Commentator: Sylvain Bromberger, M.I.T.

    Quantum Theory of Measurement

    April 24, 1967

    • Henry Margneau, Yale University

    • Commentator: Abner Shimony, M.I.T.

    Of Four Futile Attempts to Prove that the Problem of Induction is No Problem

    May 1, 1967

    • Herman Tennessen, University of Alberta

    • Commentator: Marx W. Wartofsky, Boston University

    Theoretical Values and Measured Values

    May 16, 1967

    • Joseph Epstein, Amherst College

      Commentator: John Stachel, Boston University