Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science
3rd Annual Program

Scientific Criteria in Studying the History of Science

November 20, 1962

  • Giorgio de Santillana, M.I.T.

    Commentators: Everett Mendelsohn, Harvard University; Robert S. Cohen, Boston University

Observations on Contemporary Philosophy of Science in Poland

December 13, 1962

  • Robert S. Cohen, Boston University

  • Commentator: David Joravsky, Brown University

Some Technical Differentia Among Schemata

January 9, 1963

  • Nelson Goodman, University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University

    Commentator: Jerrold Katz, M.I.T.

Paradoxes of Confirmation

February 7, 1963

  • G. Schlesinger, University of Pittsburgh and Australian National University

On Predicative Definition

February 14, 1963

  • Hao Wang, Harvard University

  • Commentator: Hartley Rogers, M.I.T.

The Relationship of Science and Art

February 17, 1963

  • Jacob Bronowski, Salk Institute (La Jolla)

Proof or Verification: Are There “Empirical Pockets” in Mathematics?

March 5, 1963

  • Wolfgang Yourgrau, Smith College

  • Commentator: Kent Bendall, Wellesley College

From Matter to Mass

March 19, 1963

  • Ernan McMullin, University of Notre Dame

  • Commentator: Marx W. Wartofsky, Boston University

The Identity Approach to the Mind-Body Problem

April 10, 1963

  • Wilfrid Sellars, Yale University

  • Commentator: Israel Scheffler, Harvard University

Reflections on the Methodology of Experimental Science

May 2, 1963

  • Sir George Thomson, Cambridge University

    An Examination of Grunbalm’s Philosophy of Geometry

    May 14, 1963

    • Hilary Putnam, M.I.T.

    • Commentators: Joseph Epstein, Amherst College; Adolf Grunbaum, University of Pittsburgh