Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science
2nd Annual Program

A Model of Mind-Body Relation in Terms of Modular Logic

October 26, 1961

  • Satosi Watanabe, IBM Research Center, Yorktown Heights

    Commentator: Marvin Minsky, M.I.T.

Language and the Formation of Concepts

November 30, 1961

  • Eric H. Lennenburg, Harvard Medical School

  • Commentator: Roger Brown, M.I.T.

On the Conceptual Structure of Physics

December 14, 1961

  • Laszlo Tisza, M.I.T.

Modal Logics I: Foundations

February 8, 1962

  • Ruth Barcan Marcus, Roosevelt University

  • Commentator: Willard von Orman Quine, Harvard University

Modal Logics II: The Formal Analysis of Cultural Objects

March 1, 1962

  • Alan Ross Anderson, Yale University; O.K. Moore, Yale University

Interpretations of Quantum Theory

March 22, 1962

  • Ralph Schiller, Stevens Institute of Technology; Armand Siegel, Boston University

  • Commentator: Abner Shimony, Boston University and M.I.T.

The Falsifiability of Theories…A Contemporary Evaluation of Duhem

April 26, 1962

  • Adolf Grunbaum, Pittsburgh University

  • Commentator: Robert S. Cohen, Boston University and M.I.T.

Perception: Language and Perceptual Schemes

May 10 1962

  • Noam Chomsky, M.I.T.; Sidney Morgenbesser, Columbia University