Archives 1976-1977

Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science
17th Annual Program

Bachelard and Marx: Marxism and Epistemology

October 12, 1976

  • Dominique Lecourt, University of Picardie

    Commentators: A.J. Kfoury, M.I.T.; John Stachel, Boston University

The Structure of Probabilistic Reasoning in Legal Proof

October 19, 1976

  • L. Jonathan Cohen, The Queen’s College, Oxford

    Commentator: Laurence H. Tribe, Harvard Law School

Science as a Cultural System: Three Lectures

October 21, 1976, October 25, 1976, October 26, 1976

  • Yehuda Elkana, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem

    Commentator: Clifford Geertz, The Institute for Advanced Study

Propensity Automata–A New Foundation of Logic

November 4, 1976

  • Satosi Watanabe, University of Hawaii

    Commentator: Seymour Papert, M.I.T.

Dialogue: How Do We Know What Other People Mean?

November 9, 1976

  • Francesca Rivetti Barbo, University of Calabria

    Commentator: Richard Burian, Harvard University

The Choices of Humans and Machines and Their Predictability

November 16, 1976

  • George Schlesinger, University of North Carolina

    Commentator: Judson Webb, Boston University

Alienation From Work: A Conceptual Analysis

November 30, 1976

  • Judith Buber Agassi, The Hebrew University, Rehovot

    Commentator: Elizabeth Rapaport, Boston University; Michael Useem, Boston University

The Structure of Problems

December 7, 1976

  • Jagdish Hattiangadi, York University

    Commentator: Sylvain Bromberger, M. I. T.

Communicative Action

December 14, 1976

  • Jurgen Habermas, Max-Planck-Institute, Stranberg

    Commentator: Marx W. Wartofsky, Boston University

Gelileo and the Phenomena: On Making the Evidence Visible

January 18, 1977

  • David Hemmendinger, Ohio State University

    Commentators: William Shea, McGill University; John V. Strong, Boston College

The Systems of Hindu Thought as Epistemic Disciplines

January 25, 1977

  • David Zilberman, Brandeis University

    Commentator: Robert McDermott, Bernard Baruch College, CUNY

Protophysics of Time and the Principle of Relativity

February 1, 1977

  • Joachim Pfarr, University of Cologne

  • Commentator: John Stachel, Boston University and Princeton University

A New View of Scientific Theories

February 8, 1977

  • John H. Harris, University of Otago

    Commentator: Srdjan Lelas, University of Zagreb

Evolutionary Epistemology

February 22, 1977

  • Donald T. Campbell, Northwestern University

  • Commentator: Abner Shimony, Boston University

Scientific Realism as an Ontology

March 1, 1977

  • Anthony M. Quinton, University of Oxford

    Commentator: Marx W. Wartofsky, Boston University

Beyond Causality in the Social Sciences: Reciprocity as a Model of Non-Exploitative Social Relations

March 15, 1977

  • Carol Gould, Swarthmore College

    Commentator: Thomas McCarthy, Boston University

Towards a Reconstruction of the Principles of Mathematical Physics

March 22, 1977

  • Laszlo Tisza, M.I.T.

    Commentator: Eugene P. Gross, Brandeis University

The Scientific Revolution of the Renaissance in Light of Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development

March 29, 1977

  • Wolfgang Krohn, Max-Planck-Institute, Starnberg

    Commentator: Robert S. Cohen, Boston University

Does the Causal Structure of Space-Time Determine Its Geometry?

April 5, 1977

  • David Malament, University of Chicago

    Commentator: John A. Winnie, Indiana University

The Truiine Brain and “Epistemics”

May 3, 1977

  • Paul D. MacLean, National Institute of Mental Health

    Commentator: Barbara V. E. Klein, M.I.T.; Marken-Marsel Mesulam, Harvard