Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science
23rd Annual Program

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Cooperation in Evolution

October 5th, 1982
Room 314
George Sherman Union

  • Lynn Margulis, Biology, Boston University

    Commentator: Michael McElroy, Atmospheric Sciences, Harvard University

  • Chair: Robert S. Cohen, Boston University

Why the Study of Human Behavior Can Never be Scientific

October 19th, 1982
CLA 204

  • Hubert L. Dreyfus, Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley

    Commentator: Mark Okrent, Philosophy, Bates College

  • Chair: Marx X. Wartofsky, Boston University

The Quantum View of the World

October 26th, 1982

  • Michael L.G. Rehead, History and Philosophy of Science, Chelsea College and the University of London

    Commentator: Abner Shimony, Philosophy and Physics, Boston University

  • Chair: Kenneth Brecher

Symposium on the Vienna Circle: the Schlick/Neurath Centenary

Chair: Louise Antony

    I. Reflections on the Vienna Circle

    November 5th, 1982

    • Hilary Putnam, Philosophy, Harvard University

    I. Positivism and Politics: The Vienna Circle as a Social Movement

    November 5th, 1982

    • Marx W. Wartofsky, Philosophy, Boston University

    II. Reminiscences of Carnap on Induction

    November 6th, 1982

    • Abner Shimony, Philosophy and Physics, Boston University

    II. Carnap on Artificial Languages and Artificial Lives

    November 6th, 1982

    • Richard Jeffrey, Philosophy, Princeton University

    II. Schlick vs. Neurath

    November 6th, 1982

    • Robert S. Cohen, Physics and Philosophy, Boston University

    Darwinian Theories and Current Controversies

    November 9th, 1982

    • Ernst Mayr, Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University

      Commentator: S. S. Schweber, Physics, Brandeis College

    • Chair: Diana Long Hall

    Symposium: Spinoza and Science

    Chair: Marjorie Grene

      I. Science in the Century of Spinoza

      November 12th, 1982

      • Nancy Maull, History and Philosophy of Science, Harvard University

      I. Spinoza, Philosopher of Natural Science and the Social Sciences

      November 12th, 1982

      • Davis Savan, Philosophy, University of Toronto

      I. Spinoza’s Physics

      November 12th, 1982

      • Davis R. Lachterman, Philosophy and History of Science, Vassar College

      II. From Here to eternity

      November 12th, 1982

      • Marx W. Wartofsky, Philosophy, Boston University

      II. spinoza’s version of the eternity of the mind

      November 12th, 1982

      • Genevieve Lloyd, History of Philosophy, Australian National University, Canberra

        III. Self-knowledge as self-preservation?

        November 13th, 1982

        • J. Thomas Cook, Philosophy, Rollins College

        III. spinoza and the science of politics: machiavelli, hobbes, spinoza

        November 13th, 1982

        • Joseph Agassi, Philosophy, Boston, York, and Tel-Aviv Universities

        The Metaphysics of Lévi-Strauss’s Structuralism: Two Views

        November 23rd, 1982

        • Robert L. Zimmerman, Philosophy, Sarah Lawrence College

          Commentator: Bernard Kaplan, Psychology, Clark University

        • Chair: Marx W. Wartofsky

        Symposium: Goethe and the Sciences

        Chair: Joseph Agassi

          I. Goethe and Helmholtz: science and sensation

          December 3, 1982

          • Jeffrey Barnouw, German Studies, Boston University

          I. Are Goethe’s Color theory and Morphology Prototype Alternative Sciences?

          December 3, 1982

          • F. J. Zucker, Microwave Physics, System Theory, Philosophy of Nature, KGHW Research and Development Associates, Belmont

          II. Goethe and Psychoanalysis

          December 3, 1982

          • Joseph Margolis, Philosophy, Temple University

          II. Getting Goethe’s Gotter: Farbenlehre From a Modern View

          December 3, 1982

          • Jerome Y. Lettvin, Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

          The Riddle of the Nebulae

          December 7th, 1982

          • Michael Hoskin, History of Science, Churchill College, Cambridge

            Commentator: S. S. Schweber, Physics, Brandeis University

          • Chair: Kenneth Brecher

          The Manufacture of Knowledge: Descriptive Epistemology of Scientific Work

          December 14th, 1982

          • Karin Knorr-Cetina, Sociology, Wesleyan University

            Commentator: Joseph Agassi, Philosophy, Boston, York, and Tel-Aviv Universities

          • Chair: Robert S. Cohen

          Symposium: Marx and Science

          I. Chair: Anthony Leeds

          II. Chair James W. Schmidt

          III. Chair: Thomas McCarthy

            I. Karl Marx and the Outcome of Classical Marxism

            February 11, 1983

            • Marx W. Wartofsky, Philosophy, Boston University

            I. Was Marx A Historical Materialist Historian of Political Economy?

            February 11, 1983

            • Patrick Murray, Philosophy, Creighton University

            I. Individual, Society, and Culture: A Dialectical Materialist Formulation

            February 11, 1983

            • Eleanor Leacock, Anthropology, The City College, CUNY

            II. Engels and the Evolution of Upright Posture — Marxist Thought and Human Origins

            February 11, 1983

            • Stephen Jay Gould, Paleontology, Harvard University

            II. Contradiction in Biology

            February 11, 1983

            • Richard Levins, Biology, Harvard University

            II. Science and the Crisis of U.S. Capitalism

            February 11, 1983

            • John N. Pappademos, Physics, Social Aspects of Science, University of Illinois at Chicago Circle

            III. Science and Capitalism

            February 12, 1983

            • John Stachel, Physics, Boston University and the Einstein Project, Princeton

            III. Labor and Technology in the Historical Process

            February 12, 1983

            • Willis H. Truitt, Philosophy, University of South Florida

            III. Marx and the Problem of Technology

            February 12, 1983

            • Gyorgy Markus, Philosophy, University of Sydney

            IV. Friedrich Engels: the social sciences model for the natural sciences

            February 12, 1983

            • Erwin N. Hiebert, History of Science, Harvard University

            IV. Criteria For Choice in the Construction of Scientific Knowledge

            February 12, 1983

            • Marcello Cini, Physics and Political Economy of Science, University of Rome

            IV. Science at the Crossroads: Beyond Hessen

            February 12, 1983

            • Robert S. Cohen, Physics and Philosophy, Boston University

            Cosmology as Science and as Religion

            February 16, 1983

            • Stephen Toulmin, Philosophy, University of Chicago

              Commentator: Sissela Bok, Philosophy, Harvard University

            • Chair: Robert C. Mayfield

            Symposium: The Decay of the Brain Sciences

            Chair: J. M. Harrison

            February 22, 1983

              The Neurological Vampire and the Philosophical Cross

              • Norman Geschwind, Neurology, Harvard University and Beth Israel Hospital

              The Original Sin of Final Cause

              • Jerome Y. Lettvin, Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

              Of Sticks and Stones

              March 2nd, 1983

              • W. V. O. Quine, Philosophy, Harvard University

                Commentator: Louisa Antony, Philosophy, Boston University

              • Chair: Thomas McCarthy

              What do you want to be when you grow up: Science Career Aspirants, a profile

              March 15th, 1983

              • Gabriel Haim, Sociology, Boston University

                Commentator: Carol Gilligan, Developmental Psychology, Harvard University

              • Chair: Sol Levine

              Symposium: Feminism and Science

              I & II. Chair: Evelyn Fox Keller

                III. Chair: Seyla Benhabib

                  I. How Masculine is Science?

                  March 18, 1983

                  • Hegla Nowotny, Sociology of Science, European Center for Social Welfare, Vienna

                  II. The Science Question in Feminism

                  March 18, 1983

                  • Sandra Harding, Philosophy, University of Delaware

                  II. Critique as Masculine Ideology: Western Marxism and Socialist Feminism

                  March 18, 1983

                  • Roger Gottlieb, Social Philosophy, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

                  III. Feminism, Women’s Nature, and Freedom

                  March 19, 1983

                  • Nancy Holmstrom, Philosophy, Rutgers University

                  III. Feminism and the definition of problems in science

                  March 19, 1983

                  • Caroline Whitbeck, Philosophy of Science, Clinical Reasoning, Feminist Philosophy, MIT Center for Policy Alternatives and Boston University Center

                  III. Salad Dressings, socks, and science

                  March 19, 1983

                  • Hilde Hein, Philosophy, College of the Holy Cross

                  Science as Symbol

                  March 23, 1983

                  • Huston Smith, Religion, Syracuse University

                    Commentator: Robert S. Cohen, Physics and Philosophy, Boston University

                  • Chair: Ernest L. Fortin

                  Symposium: The Reception of the Theory of Relativity

                  Chair: John Stachel

                    March 25, 1983

                    I. Is It Possible to Popularize Relativity Theory? A Case Study: France in the early 1920s

                    • Michel Biezunski, History of Science, University of Paris

                    I. The Italian Mathematicians of Relativity

                    • Judith R. Goodstein, History of Science, California Institute of Technology

                    II. Einstein in a Latin Key: His Journeys and Intellectual Impact in Spain, Argentina, and Brazil, 1923-1925

                    • Thomas F. Glick, History and Geography, Boston University

                    II. The Assimilation of Relativity in America: Putting New Wine in Old Bottles

                    • Stanley  Goldberg, History of Science, Hampshire College

                    Hypotheses and Mr. Newton

                    April 5, 1983

                    • John  Worrall, Philosophy, Logic, and Scientific Method, London School of Economics and Political Science

                      Commentator: Laurence Breiner, English, Boston University

                    • Chair: Robert S. Cohen

                    Chinese Visions of Nature

                    April 6th, 1983

                    • Tu Wei-Ming, Chinese History and Philosophy, Harvard University

                      Commentator: Ishwer C. Oiha, Political Science, Boston University

                    • Chair: James D. Purvis

                    From the Axioms of Lucretius Toward a Philosophy of Spatial Structure

                    April 12th, 1983

                    • Alan L. McKay, Crytallography, Birkbeck College, University of London

                      Commentator: Cecil Schneer, Geology, University of New Hampshire

                    • Chair: Kenneth Brecher

                    New and Old World Healers–1519

                    April 26th, 1983

                    • Guido Maino, Pathology, and History of Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical Center

                      Commentator: Gary Orgel, Philosophy, Boston University

                    • Chair: Mark W. Wartofsky