Archives 1972-1973

Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science
13th Annual Program

Confirmation and Relevance

October 10, 1972

  • Wesley Salmon, Indiana University

    Commentator: James Thomson, M.I.T.

Toward a Rational Philosophical Anthropology

October 17, 1972

  • Joseph Agassi, Boston University and Tel Aviv University

Teleological and Teleonimic, a New Analysis

October 24, 1972

  • Ernst Mayr, Harvard University

    Commentators: Ronald Munson, University of Missouri at St. Louis; Hilde Hein, College of the Holy Cross (Worcester)

Metaphysics vs. Experiment: the Dynamics of theory selection

November 14, 1972

  • Stanley Goldberg, Hampshire College

    Commentators: Milic Capek, Boston University; Miller Brown, Trinity College (Hartford)

Domestic Causes and Purposes of Wars: A Methodological Inquiry

November 21, 1972

  • Arno J. Meyer, Princeton University

    Commentators: Joseph Boskin, Boston University; Louis O. Mink, Wesleyan University

The Cartesian Circle: Descartes’ Defense of Reason as a Valid Response to 17th Century Skepticism

November 28, 1972

  • Edmond Curley, Australian National University and John Hopkins University

    Commentator: Harry G. Frankfurt, The Rockefeller University

A New Look at Phenomenology and the ‘Idea’ of Physics

December 12, 1972

  • Francis J. Zucker, Max-Planck-Institut (starnburg)

    Commentator: Patrick Heelan, SUNY, Stony Brook

Round Table: Quantum Mechanics and Common Sense

January 16, 1972

  • Michael R. Gardner, Mount Holyoke College

    Commentators: Armand Seigel, Boston University; Michael Horne, Stonehill College; E.P. Gross, Brandeis University

Explanation and Evolution

January 23, 1973

  • Marjorie Grene, University of California, Davis and Boston University

    Commentators: Kenneth Schaffner, University of Pittsburgh; Lynn S. Margulis, Boston University

On the Relationship Between Quantum Mechanics and Mathematics

February 6, 1973

  • Paul Benioff, Argonne National Laboratory

    Commentator: Hilary Putnam, Harvard University

Round Table: Science and Philosophical Materialism in the Soviet Union

February 13, 1973

  • Loren Graham, Columbia University

    Commentators: Thomas Blakeley, Boston College; Dirk Struik, M.I.T. Marx Wartofsky, Boston University; Robert S. Cohen, Boston University; William McBride, Yale University

Fresnel Drag and the Principle of Relativity

February 27, 1973

  • Ronald Newburgh, Microwave Physics Laboratory, AFCRL-Bedford

  • Commentators: Huseyin Yilmaz, Perception Technology Cooporation; Arthur I. Miller, Harvard University and Lowell Technological Institute

Round Table: Research Strategies vs. the Relativity of Science

March 13, 1973

  • Noretta Koertge, Indiana University

    Commentators: Marx Wartofsky, Boston University; Philip Quinn, Brown University; Sheldon Krimsky, University of South Florida

Against Method

March 20, 1973

  • Paul Feyerbend, University of California, Berkeley

  • Commentator: Imre Lakatos, London School of Economics and Boston University

Scientific Rationality and the Growth of Knowledge: 5 Lectures

March 22, 29, 1973; April 5, 12, 26, 1973

  • Imre Lakatos, London School of Economics

Quantum Theory of Measurement

March 27, 1973

  • Gen-Ichiro Nagasaka, Nanzan University (Nagoya) and Boston University

    Commentators: John Stachel, Boston University; Paul Roman, Boston University

Round Table: The Works of God’s Hand; the Books of His Revelations, and the Machinery of Nature: 11th-17th Centuries

April 3, 1973

  • Benjamin Nelson, New School of Social Research

    Commentators: John Murdoch, Harvard University; Ann Brinkley, Boston University; A. I. Sabra, Harvard University

Newton’s Relational Theory of Space and Time

April 10, 1973

  • Arnold Koslow, CUNY, Brooklyn College

    Commentator: Howard Stein, Case Western Reserve University

On Systematic Realism, With a Particular Application to Non-Conventionalism in Physics

April 17, 1973

  • Clifford Hooker, University of Western Ontario

    Commentators: Laszlo Tisza, M.I.T.; Robert S. Cohen, Boston University

Space-Time Indeterminacies and Space-Time Structure

May 1, 1973

  • Clark Glymour, Princeton University

    Commentator: John Graves, M.I.T.

Reproduction, Translation and Social Science

May 8, 1973

  • Richard Rudner,  Washington University

    Commentator: Thomas McCarthy, Boston University