Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science
4th Annual Program

What is Perception Really – Or the Red Spot Mystery

October 10, 1963

  • Jerome Y. Lettvin, M.I.T.

    Commentator: B.F. Skinner, Harvard University

Numbers and Nature: Analogous Studies

October 29, 1963

  • Norwood R. Hanson, Yale University

    Commentator: A. Siegel, Boston University

Explanation in 19th Century Biology

November 19, 1963

  • Everett Mendelsohn, Harvard University

    Commentator: Ernst Mayr, Harvard University


December 12, 1963

  • J.J.C. Smart, University of Adelaide and Harvard University

  • Commentator: Hilary Putnam, M.I.T.

Quantification into Causal Contexts

January 7, 1964

  • Degfinn Follesdal, Harvard University

Husserl’s Critique of Science in “Die Krists Der Europaischen Wissenscharten”

February 13, 1964

  • Herbert Marcuse, Brandeis University

  • Commentator: Aron Gurwitsch, New School

A Whiteheadian Interpretation of the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

March 3, 1964

  • Abner Shimony, M.I.T.

  • Commentator: J.M. Burgers, Maryland

Scientific and Literary Language

March 19, 1964

  • Norman Rudich, Wesleyan University

Methodological Reflections on Aquinas and Freud

April 30, 1964

  • Rev. Michael J. Stock, Dominican House of Studies

  • Commentator: Victor Gourevitch, Wellesley College

The Myth of Frozen Passage: The Status of Becoming in Physics

May 14, 1964

  • Milic Capek, Boston University

  • Commentator: Donald Williams, Harvard University