Archives 1970-1971

Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of Science
11th Annual Program

Human Values in a Technological Society

Annual Meeting of the Society for Social Responsibility in Science

George Sherman Union, Boston University

[In cooperation with BCPS]

I. Science and Politics 1: Conversion From a War – to a Peace-Time Society

October 16, 1970
Room 314

  • Seymour Melman, Columbia University

  • Alice Mary Hilton, Institute for Cybercultural Research

  • Lee Grodzins, M.I.T.

  • Barrie W. Jones, Cornell University

  • Chairman: Victor Paschkis, Columbia University

II. Hunger and Population

October 16, 1970
Room 315

  • Josue de Castro, Centre International pour le Développement

  • Chairman: Daniel S. Berger, Temple University School of Medicine

III. Reason, Human Nature and Technology 1: Science in the Minds of Youth and of People in General

October 16, 1970
Room 320

  • Raymond Mungo, Brattleboro, Vermont

  • Armand Siegel, Boston University

  • Chairman: William R. Mackavey, Boston University

IV. Public Meeting – Strategies for Change

October 16, 1970

  • Howard Zinn, Boston University

  • Chairman: E.U. Condon

    V. Reason, Human Nature and Technology 2: Repressive Reason and Liberating Reason

    October 17, 1970
    Room 314

    • George Carter, Boston University, Medical School

    • Marx W. Wartofsky, Boston University

    • Chairman: Michael G. Cooke, Boston University

    VI. Society and Professional Education 1: Scientists and Engineers for People

    October 17, 1970
    Room 315

    • T. Paul Torda, Illinois Institute of Technology

    • John Dixon, University of Massachusetts

    • Victor Paschkis, Columbia University

    • Carl Barus, Swarthmore College

    • Gustav H. Strohmeier, Illinois Institute of Technology

    • Erich Brueschke, Illinois Institute of Technology

    • Ronald McNeur, Society for Health and Human Values and United Presbyterian Church

    • Chairman: Edward G. Ramberg, R. C. A. Laboratories, Princeton, N.J.

    VII. Science and Politics 2: The Political Engagement of Scientists

    October 17, 1970
    Room 320

    • Jeremy J. Stone, Federation of American Scientists

    • Herbert M. Meyer, Society for Social Responsibility in Science

    • Larry W. Beeferman, Boston University

    • Chairman: Arnold Offner

    VIII. Film and Discussion – War’s Children: A Report From Vietnam

    October 17, 1970
    Conference Auditorium

    • Herbert Needleman, Committee of Responsibility

    • Sarah Ramberg, Society for Social Responsibility in Science

    IX. Science and Politics 3: The Effects of National Policy and National Particularism on Science

    October 17, 1970
    Room 314

    • Dirk J. Struik, M.I.T.

    • Erwin Hiebert, Harvard University

    • Robert S. Cohen, Boston University

    • Chairman: George P. Fulton, Boston University

    X. Society and Professional Education 2: Doctors For People

    October 17, 1970
    Room 315

    • Victor Sidel, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

    • Herbert L. Hayward, Schuyler Kohl, William Siler, State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center

    • Theodor Rosebury, Washington University

    • Martin Rubin, New York University, College of Dentistry

    • C. Gonerales, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York City

    • Donald B. Giddon, Tufts University, College of Dental Medicine

    • Chairman: J. Malvern Benjamin, Jr., Bionics Instruments, Inc.

    XI. Does Science Control People or do People Control Science?

    October 17, 1970
    Room 320

    • Melvin Kranzberg, Case-Western Reserve University

    • Henryk Skolimowski, University of Southern California

    • Chairman: Sidney A. Burrell, Boston University

    XII. Public Meeting, Address: To Do or not to do

    October 17, 1970

    • Salvador E. Luria, M.I.T.

    • Ronald McNeur, Bernard Sandler, State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center

    • Chairman: E.U. Condon

    Philosophy of Science Association

    Biennial Meeting

    Sheraton-Boston Hotel, Boston, MA

    [In cooperation with BCPS]

    I. Symposium: Theoretical Entities in Statistical Explanation

    October 23, 1970
    Grand Ballroom

    • James Greeno, University of Michigan

    • Wesley Salmon, Indiana University

    • Richard Jeffrey, University of Pennsylvania

    • Chairman: E. H. Madden, SUNY – Buffalo

    II. Contributed Papers – Observation

    October 23, 1970
    Fairfax A

    • Peter Machamer, Ohio State University. “Observation”

    • Burke Townsend, University of Hawaii. “Feyerabend’s Pragmatic Theory”

    • J. O. Wisdom, York University. “Observations as the Building Blocks of Science – Influential Interpretations”

    • Chairman: Robert Causey, University of Texas at Austin

    III. Contributed Papers – Philosophical Problems of Biology

    October 23, 1970
    Fairfax A

    • Edward Manier, University of Notre Dame. “Functional Analysis and the Negative Feedback Model”

    • William Wimsatt, University of Chicago. “Some Problems with the Concept of Feedback”

    • Stuart Kauffman, University of Chicago. “Articulation-of-parts Explanations in Biology”

    • Chairman: David Hull, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

    IV. Contributed Papers – Equivalence, Analyticity, and in-principle confirmability

    October 23, 1970
    Independence West

    • Clark Glymour, Princeton University. “Theoretical Realism and Theoretical Equivalence”

    • John Winnie, University of Hawaii. “Theoretical Analyticity”

    • Edward Erwin, SUNY at Stony Brook. “The Confirmation Machine”

    • Chairman: Richard Schlegel, Michigan State University

      V. Contributed Papers – Probability, Statistics and Acceptance

      October 23, 1970
      Fairfax B

      • Jaakko Hintikka, Helsinki and Stanford Universities. “The Lottery Paradox and the Concept of Shared Information”

      • Alex C. Michalos, University of Guelph. “Cost Benefit vs. Expected Utility Acceptance Rules”

      • Ben Rogers, Wichita State University. “Material Conditions on Tests of Statical Hypotheses”

      • Chairman: Stephan Korner, University of Bristol

      VI. Contributed Papers – Problems in Quantum Physics: Genetic Epistemology

      October 24, 1970
      Independence East

      • Paul Fitzgerald, University of Pennsylvania. “Tachyons and Retrocausal Anomalies”

      • Gen-ichiro Nagasaka, Nanzan University, Japan. “The Einstein-Podolski-Rosen Paradox Reexamined”

      • Milic Capek, Boston University. “The Significance of Piaget’s Researchers on the Psychogenesis of Atomism”

      • Chairman: Adolf Grünbaum, University of Pittsburgh

      VII. Contributed Papers – Theoretical Pluralism; Understanding; Methodological agreement

      October 24, 1970
      Independence West

      • Noretta Koertge, Indiana University. “Theoretical Pluralism and the Unity of Science”

      • Andrew McLaughlin, Lehman College. “The Role of Method in the Achievement of Factual Agreement in Science”

      • Michael Scriven, University of California, Berkeley. “The Comprehension Theorem”

      • Chairman: Marjorie Greene, University of California, Davis

      VIII. Contributed Papers – induction and reduction

      October 24, 1970
      Constitution Room

      • James Fetzer, University of Kentucky. “Dispositional Probabilities”

      • Bernard Gendron, University of Texas. “Neurological and Psychological Theories: A Critique of the Hardware Thesis”

      • Nelson Pole, Cleveland State University. “Self-Supporting Inductive Arguments”

      • Chairman: Bernard Baumrin, Lehman College, CUNY

      IX. Symposium: Capacities and Natures

      October 24, 1970
      Constitution Room

      • Milton Fisk, Indiana University

      • Ernan McMullin, University of Notre Dame

      • Bruce Aune, University of Massachusetts

      • Chairman: Henryk Skolimowski, University of Southern California

      X. Contributed Papers – Scientific Theories: Comparison and change

      October 24, 1970
      Independence East

      • Scott Kleiner, University of Georgia. “The Methodological Commensurability of Theories”

      • Carl Kordig, Memphis State University. “Objective, Scientific Change and Self-Reference”

      • Warren Siemens, ABT Associates. “A Logical Empiricist Theory of Scientific Change”

      • Chairman: Israel Scheffler, Harvard University

      XI. Contributed Papers – The Future of Philosophy of science; theory in the social sciences

      October 24, 1970
      Independence West

      • Ronald Giere, Indiana University. “Logic, Methodology, and the Future of Philosophy of Science”

      • Stephen Toulmin, Michigan State University. “From Logical Systems to Conceptual Populations”

      • Paul Morrison, SUNY, Brockport. “Two Kinds of Theory in the Social Sciences”

      • Chairman: Dudley Shapere, University of Chicago

      XII. Symposium: History of Science and its Rational Reconstruction

      October 25, 1970

      • Imre Lakatos, London School of Economics

      • Thomas Kuhn, Princeton University

      • Richard J. Hall, Michigan State University

      • Chairman: Arthur Fine, Cornell University

      XIII. Contributed Papers – Relativity and Congruence

      October 25, 1970

      • Carlo Giannoni, Rice University. “Einstein and the Lorentz-Poincare Theory”

      • Edwin Levy, University of British Columbia. “Completing Radical Translations: Examples, Limitations, and Implications”

      • Gerald Massey, University of Pittsburgh. “Is ‘Congruence’ a Peculiar Predicate?”

      • Chairman: Davis Gruender, Florida State University

      Hegel and the Sciences

      [In cooperation with the Hegel Society of America]

      I. Hegel and the Concept of Science

      December 4, 1970

      • Kenley Dove, Yale University

      • Robert S. Cohen, Boston University

      • Commentators: Daniel Dook, Lehman College; John Lachs, Vanderbilt University; George Schrader, Yale University

      II. Hegel and the History and Philosophy of Science

      December 4, 1970

      • Henry Paolucci, St. John’s University

      • Commentator: Edward McKinnon, Boston College

      • Lloyd Easton, Ohio Wesleyan University

      • Commentator: John Lavely, Boston University

      III. Hegel and the science of organism

      December 4, 1970

      • John Findlay, Yale University

      • Commentator: George di Giovanni, Marionopolis College

      • Milic Capek, Boston University

      • Commentator: Hilde Hein, Holy Cross College

      IV. hegel and the methodology of the sciences

      December 5, 1970

      • Errol Harris, Northwestern University

      • Commentator: Ernan McMullin, University of Notre Dame

      • Hilary Putnam, Harvard University

      • Commentator: John Compton, Vanderbilt University

      • Gerd Buchdahl, Cambridge University

      • Commentator: Joseph O’Malley, Marquette University

        V. Dialectical Logic and its Formalization

        December 5, 1970

        • Yvon Gauthier, Sudbury University

        • Commentator: Hector C. Sabelli, Chicago Medical School

        • Michael Kosok, Fairleigh Dickinson University

        • Commentator: Ivan Soll, University of Wisconsin

        VI. Hegel and the human sciences

        December 6, 1970

        • Murray Greene, New School for Social Research

        • Ruediger Bubner, Heidelberg

        • Commentators: Sidney Hook, New York University; Alasdair McIntyre, Brandeis University

        VII. Plenary Discussion: Hegel and The Sciences

        December 6, 1970

        Panel includes the following:

        • Darrel Christiansen, Southern Illinois University

        • John Findlay, Yale University

        • George Kline, Bryn Mawn

        • Marx Wartofsky, Boston University

        Functional Organization in Biology

        January 26, 1971

        • William Wilmsatt, University of Chicago

        The role of philosophy among the sciences

        February 9, 1971

        • Vladimir V. Mshvenieradze, U.S.S.R. Academy of Sciences, Moscow

        • Commentators: Henry Aiken, Brandeis Universityy

        The enchanted world: the reality of false appearances

        February 23, 1971

        • Miklos Almasi, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest

        • Commentator: Bernard Elevitch, Boston University

        Inductive Reasoning and the Bayesian Approach to Probabilistic Physics

        March 2, 1971

        • O. Costa de Beauregard, Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris

        • Commentator: Armand Siegel, Boston University

        Objectivity and the Social Locus of Scientific Knowledge

        March 16, 1971

        • Donald T. Campbell, Northwestern University

        • Commentator: Milic Capek, Boston University

        Scientific Rationality and the Growth of Knowledge: A Series of 5 Lectures

        March 22 & 29, 1971; April 5, 12 & 26, 1971

        • Imre Lakatos, London School of Economics

        What Duhem Really Meant

        March 30, 1971

        • Philip Quinn, Brown University

        • Commentator: Hilary Putnam, Harvard University

        Logical Atomism and Deep Structure

        April 6, 1971

        • Paul Lorezen, University of Erlangen, Germany; University of Texas at Austin

        Edmund Husserl and the Crisis of Western Science

        April 13, 1971

        • Gian Carlo Rota, M.I.T.

        • Commentator: David Carr, Yale University

        Science and Critique: Positivist Methodology Vs. Critical Theory in the Social Sciences

        April 20, 1971

        • Albrecht Wellmer, University of Frankfurt, Germany and University of Toronto

        • Commentator: Robert S. Cohen, Boston University

        Scientific Realism, past and Present

        April 27, 1971

        • Marjorie Greene, University of California, Davis

        Surface Semantics

        May 4, 1971

        • Jaako Hintikka, University of Helsinki and Stanford University

          Commentator: Jerrold J. Katz, M. I. T.