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I began researching my paper “Clinical Trials in Developing Countries: The New ‘Tuskegee?’” with the mindset that my thesis would be an affirmative answer to the question. However, I discovered that, despite my personal opinion, sources were pushing me in the opposite direction. Although I usually do not write a paper with a thesis that I do not agree with, I saw this paper as an opportunity to strengthen my persuasive writing skills. Because I was skeptical, I noticed flaws in my argument that I might not have anticipated if I had been already convinced of my viewpoint. As a result, my paper has the most convincing argument that I have ever written.

KIMBERLY CLARK is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences studying biological anthropology and public health. She plans to pursue a career in science communications. This essay was written for Melanie Smith’s course, WR 150: Ethical Issues in Public Health.

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