Honorable Mentions

These students’ essays were judged to be among the top 18 essays received for Issue 3 out of over 350 submissions.

Sierra Brown

Paper:  Mikhail Bulgakov: Preaching His Own Religion
Instructor: Vlada Brofman
Course: Manuscripts Don’t Burn: Fairy Tales, Grotesque, Science Fiction, and Satire in Russian Literature (150)

Catrina Cropano

Paper: Teleconsultations: Treating Pathologies through Technology
Instructor: Deborah Breen
Course: Innovation in Technology and Science (150)

Linsey Hunt

Paper: Interactions With the “Other”: Japanese Responses to Orientalism in the Early 20th Century
Instructor: Suzanne O’Brien
Course: East Meets West (100)

Adelia Iliev

Paper: The Inexcusable Legal Truths
Instructor: Melanie Smith
Course: Ethical Issues in Public Health (150)

Justin Morse

Paper: Legislating Happiness: Exploring How Government Restrictions on Choice Can Influence Its People
Instructor: Jura Avizienis
Course: Entering Europe (100)

Lia Pagliuso

Paper: Pushing the Red Button: Banksy’s Use of Counterculture in Exit Through the Gift Shop
Instructor: Marisa Milanese
Course: Documentary Film: History, Theory, and Form (150)

Madelyn Powell

Paper: The Role of Voice: Reconsidering Zora Neale Hurston’s Narrative Style in Their Eyes Were Watching God
Instructor: Thomas Underwood
Course: The Rhetoric of Freedom in America (150)

Kevin Wong

Paper: Men are from Mars, Women are from . . . the Wild?
Instructor: Albert Dalia
Course: Paradox of the Hero/Heroine in East Asian Cinema and Fiction (100)

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