Institute for Geriatric Social Work

SSW Investigator(s):

Scott Miyake Geron, MSW, PhD

Funding Source:

The Atlantic Philanthropies

Project Description:

Established in 2002 with a grant from The Atlantic Philanthropies, the Institute for Geriatric Social Work (IGSW) has become a leader in the effort to build a stronger workforce for an aging society through educational innovation and assessment. Over 37,000 IGSW-trained practitioners are currently working in the field, and IGSW educational programs and training are now available in all 50 states and overseas. Located at Boston University School of Social Work, one of the nation’s preeminent social work programs, IGSW brings together expertise in instructional technology, educational design, and evaluation to improve the quality of practice of social workers and other social service practitioners who work with older adults and their families. IGSW also conducts research to demonstrate the effectiveness of geriatric social work interventions, supports innovative model programs in geriatric social work practice, and seeks to influence policy and practice through the dissemination of policy briefs and bulletins that document the contributions that social workers can make to improve the lives of older adults and their families.