Boston University offers its students an enormous array of intellectual opportunities and resources on both the Medical and Charles River Campuses.  In addition to the academic requirements, it is up to you to make choices that best enhance your career preparation.  In order to assist you with these decisions, you will be assigned a faculty advisor in your concentration shortly after accepting the School’s offer of admission.  If you are accepted for Fall 2013, you will receive your advisor assignment in July.  With suggestions from Department staff and your advisor, you will develop an individualized course of study based on your career goals, full or part-time status, and the timing of course offerings.  Your advisor can help you make the most of your investment by helping you choose courses to meet your interests and create a schedule that builds your skills and increases your knowledge. Advisors can also be of help regarding work, field experience opportunities, networking, general guidance and career planning.  Please contact the IH Academic Coordinator if you need help locating your advisor.

You and your advisor have access to an online degree requirements tracking system called “Degree Advice” on the Student Link.  This is a very valuable tool to help you with course planning and we encourage you to use it as a complement to meeting with your advisor.  It is not a failsafe accounting of your degree progress, but can provide an excellent overview of where you stand in terms of meeting your IH concentration requirements.  You can also refer to the MPH Graduation Audit Sheets provided by the Registrar’s Office.

Prior to the start of each semester, concentrators must consult with their advisors to plan and review their program for the upcoming semester.  It is up to the student to contact their advisor to arrange this.

We encourage you to talk with your advisor any time you are concerned about your ability to remain in strong academic standing.  S/he will contact you if it appears that you are at risk for being placed on academic probation. The role of your advisor is to support you and collaborate with you on a learning plan that will facilitate your success.

In addition to your assigned academic advisor, you are welcome to consult with any faculty member in any department, the Academic Coordination Team, or staff in the Registrar’s, Student Services, or Education Offices.  We have an open door policy here at the School and hope you’ll make the most of all of the resources available to you.

If you have questions, concerns, or comments about the overall academic curriculum and policies of the concentration or the advising process, please speak with the IH Academic Coordinator or the International Health Department Associate Chair.