Career Planning.

With so many different public health career paths to pursue, it’s exciting to begin thinking about where you “fit” in the job market early.  We recommend the following ways to approach this process:

Phase 1

Once You Get Here

  • Sign up for SPH Handshake, our online job board and career management system.
  • Get to know faculty, fellow students, and student organizations – start to build your network.
  • Join the SPH LinkedIN Group.
  • Attend Career Services and other SPH events to learn from others working in the field; utilize networking opportunities to make connections and brainstorm.
  • Begin to reflect on areas of interest in your course assignments.  Think about what excited you. What is a particular public health problem?  A particular population?

    Phase 2

    After Your First Semester

    • Think about what you’d like to do in a practicum or internship to enhance your knowledge and skills.
    • Give yourself plenty of time to explore your options and secure your internship and/or practicum.
    • Enjoy yourself and learn as much as you can from this hands-on experience.

    Phase 3

    Graduation Time and Beyond

    • Go full-steam ahead with your job search.
    • Work with Career Services, apply to jobs, and network with everyone you know.
    • Secure a great post-MPH position!
      Special Note: Consulting and fellowship organizations have specific recruiting timelines in the fall and spring. Please check with Career Services for more information.