Master of Science in Telecommunication

CNSS - LogoThe Master of Science (MS) in Telecommunication degree program integrates knowledge of the computer science, engineering, managerial, and legal aspects of networking and telecommunications. The telecommunication degree program is designed to provide knowledge and critical skills essential for success in this rapidly expanding field. Program participants gain a solid knowledge of the basic networking technologies, systems, and services; increase their ability to compare networking and telecommunication products and services; and enhance their ability to manage complex telecommunication projects.

Students who complete the master’s degree in Telecommunication will be able to demonstrate:

  • Advanced knowledge of data communication protocols and networks, including, but not limited to, error control and flow control, distributed synchronization, error detection and correction, forwarding and techniques to implement it, performance analysis of networks, and management of large networks.
  • Competence sufficient to design, specify, and develop data transfer protocols for specific purposes; design, specify, plan, and define networks of any size; and analyze, evaluate, and select network technologies.

Concentration in Security

Students may choose to pursue a concentration in Security.

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