Boston University recognizes the commitment of the faculty and staff who dedicated many years of their lives to strengthening the University. In 1989, the Society of Retired Faculty & Staff was formed and approved by then-president John Silber. Led by its own board of directors and working with Human Resources as a liaison with other departments, this organization plans and prepares events that enable University retirees to stay connected with their colleagues and friends—both past and present.

The goal of the society is to foster a continuing relationship between former employees and the University, and to make the University’s resources available to its members so they can continue to be a part of this dynamic and ever-changing institution.

Message from the President of the Society of Retired Faculty & Staff

The Boston University Society of Retired Faculty & Staff is an organization dedicated to serving the retirees of Boston University. Our mission is to foster members’ continued relationship with the University, and to further the interests and needs of retired University personnel. In the recent past, we have supported retiree attendance at sporting events including University and Red Sox games; provided financial support for research and other activities, by both faculty and staff, through a competitive grants program funded by the University with the goal of helping individuals pursue personal and professional interests; and encouraged fellowship through our annual luncheon featuring noteworthy speakers in May. We mail a newsletter to retirees each semester updating them on our activities and inviting participation in specific programs. Most often, we are able to provide free parking privileges for participants. A current focus is to compile an up-to-date email list to allow for better communication with retirees.

Through participation in BACURA, an association of retiree organizations at several Boston-area schools (Boston College, Harvard University, MIT, and BU), we are kept abreast of activities and best practices.

Membership in our society is automatic for employees who, upon retirement, were age 55 or older and had 10 or more years of service, or for those who have been appointed a professor emeritus, regardless of their age or years of service.

Members of the society are entitled to all benefits and privileges itemized on Retiree Perks. The society lists its officers and board members, and its constitution and bylaws, online.

To take advantage of many of these benefits, you will need a Boston University retiree ID card, which can be obtained through Human Resources. Please telephone 617-353-2380 to make arrangements to obtain your card.

Throughout the year, our spring and fall newsletters will keep you informed of various activities and events in which you may wish to participate. Please contact me directly if you have an interest in serving on our board, or otherwise involving yourself in our activities. Your suggestions for programs and activities are always welcome.

On behalf of the society, I wish you many fulfilling and rewarding retirement years ahead.


Earl Adreani