Teaching Awards

The Metcalf Cup and Prize and Metcalf Awards for Excellence in Teaching

The Metcalf Cup, Prize, and Awards were established in 1973 by a gift from the late Dr. Arthur G. B. Metcalf to create “a systematic procedure for the review of the quality of teaching at Boston University and the identification and advancement of those members of the faculty who excel as teachers.” Excellence in teaching requires mastery of the subject matter, lucidity of exposition, and thorough, thoughtful evaluation of student work.

Peyton Richter Awards

The Richter Award was established in 1988 and made possible by the gift of the Professors Fund given to the College by Gary Kraut (CGS’64, COM’66), one of the College’s distinguished alumni.

The Richter Award, derived from the Professors Fund, honors the vital contributions made by Professor Peyton Richter to interdisciplinary teaching for nearly four decades. Recipients are recognized for their excellence in interdisciplinary teaching.

Dr. Ismail Sensel Award

The Dr. Ismail Sensel Award Fund was established in 2004 with a gift from Dr. Sensel’s estate for the purpose of recognizing and honoring outstanding professors. Recipients of the award are selected by the Dean of the College of General Studies, in consultation with the CGS Alumni Association and its Student Advisory Board. Special consideration may be given to the professors’ research and/or curriculum development projects.

Global Impact Research Fund

Gary A. Kraut (CGS ’64, COM ’66) has founded the Global Impact Research Fund in recognition of CGS faculty members’ valued contribution as researchers who combine a desire to create a better society with a focus on excellent undergraduate instruction. The awards– two $12,500 awards per year from 2018 through 2023– will go to faculty members whose research has the potential to impact society sooner rather than later. Faculty awardees will also work with undergraduate researchers and the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning.

Methodist Scholar/Teacher

The award recognizes outstanding faculty members for their dedication and contributions to the learning arts and to the institution. BU traces its founding to the Newbury Biblical Institute, the first Methodist seminary in the United States.

Professor Natalie McKnight won the 1999 University Scholar/Teacher of the Year Award, established by the United Methodist Church and conferred at colleges and universities historically affiliated with it.

In 2006 Professor Adam Sweeting was also honored as the United Methodist Church Scholar / Teacher of the Year.

Scarlet Key

Scarlet Key was founded in 1938 as an activities honor society whose members vote in new members annually; students were informed of their induction by being “tapped” by an existing member. The organization held a formal initiation ceremony each spring and fall and also sponsored a semiformal dance at the University President’s home. Before the early 1970s, Scarlet Key members often served as hosts for University events, much like the President’s Hosts do today. As Scarlet Key continues to grow, many of its more than 1,500 alumni have taken on leadership positions in the University. Ten members of the current Board of Trustees were Scarlet Key recipients. Three members of the Executive Committee of the Boston University Association belong to Scarlet Key, as do numerous faculty members. Honorary recipients include Presidents emeriti John Silber and Aram Chobanian.

The establishment of this high honor by the Dean of Students is in keeping with our continuing effort to give special recognition to those who, through their distinguished accomplishments, have made notable contributions to Boston University.

CGS honorees include:

2018   Alyse Bithavas

2006   Maureen Foley-Reese

2005   Assistant Dean Stacy Godnick

2001   Dean Linda Wells

1997   Associate Dean Donald Dunbar

NACADA Outstanding Academic Advisor

Dr. Maureen Foley-Reese was honored with the 1997 National Academic Advising Association Outstanding Advisor Award in Kansas City.

James E. Conway Award for Excellence in Teaching Writing

Paul Thur was the recipient of the 2004 James E. Conway Award for Excellence in Teaching Writing at the Harvard University Extension School.

Janice Thaddeus Teaching Prize

Before coming to CGS, Professor John Mackey was Lecturer on History and Literature at Harvard University, where he received the Janice Thaddeus Teaching Prize in 2004.

Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Award

Professor Stephanie Kermes won the Donald J. White Teaching Excellence Award while teaching at Boston College in 2003.

Professor Neal Leavitt won the Donald J. White Teaching Excellence award while teaching at Boston College, May 2001.