Choose a path of education that's right for you.

With over six decades of leadership in general education, CGS embodies the BU Hub’s commitment to the depth and breadth of interdisciplinary knowledge. Finishing the four-semester program at CGS puts you halfway to a Boston University degree. With a strong liberal arts foundation beneath you, you’ll have the skills and habits of learning to help you succeed in any major—and career—you choose.

Our Program

What you need to know

You’ll take four semesters of interdisciplinary CGS courses and electives toward your major before you transition into the BU school or college of your choice in your junior year.


Four divisions for interdisciplinary learning

Humanities, social science, rhetoric, and natural science—you’ll take classes in these four divisions during your four semesters at CGS.

CGS Minor

Our new Interdisciplinary Studies Minor

Our new minor gives students the skills they need to solve problems, think critically and creatively, take on complex real-world challenges, and succeed in any job.


A partner for your academic journey

You’re not alone as you chart your path. Professional CGS academic advisors are right there with you, working with you to find the right channel for your passions and goals.

Team System

Working together for student success

Thanks to the team system, our faculty don’t teach in silos. They’re always collaborating with each other and with our academic advisors to create a cohesive student experience.


Leading the discussion on interdisciplinary education

With over 60 years of leadership in general education, CGS is a leader in the field—consulting, hosting international events, and promoting interdisciplinary teaching and learning.


How do you know if college is worth it?

Our assessments show students making leaps in their communication, analytical, critical thinking, and quantitative skills—the metrics that add up to a fulfilling life and career.