CGS Experiences


A two-year foundation in teamwork and adventure!

From the gap semester through Capstone, CGS equips you to take on a rapidly changing, interconnected world.

Gap Semester

What can you do in 100 days?

With a January start, you get the benefit of a gap semester and still graduate in four years. Students spend that 100-day gap semester in rich, rewarding, and adventurous ways.

Study Abroad

Spend summer semester in London or Boston

CGS is the only BU program where study abroad is built into your first year of study. Spend your summer exploring the heart of London, or opt for the Boston-New England experience, new this year.


Six weeks focused on teamwork and rigorous research

Capstone—the biggest achievement of your two-year CGS experience. You’ll work with a team of classmates to write and defend a 50-page research paper, on a real-world topic.


Dive into a research project with CGS faculty

You could study how probiotics work in our stomachs, help write a book on the Red Sox, research the robotic revolution, or make a literary discovery.


Build the skills employers are looking for

Studying the liberal arts helps students build skills for any industry or career path—93% of CGS students do internships, in every field you can think of.