There are two ways for you to enter CGS: either through our September Program, in which you begin in the fall, or through the January Boston-London Program, in which you begin in January and complete the first year of studies with a six-week term in London. In both programs, you earn 32 credits during your freshman year. The programs merge in the fall of sophomore year, and after completing two years in CGS, you simply declare a major and continue to one of BU’s other undergraduate schools or colleges to complete your BU degree. For additional details, please visit our Programs Page.

When applying to CGS, you are automatically considered for both programs, and are offered acceptance into either the September Program or January Boston-London Program. For information on applying for admission to CGS, see Boston University Admissions.

Whether you are in junior or senior year of high school, or have already applied to Boston University, we encourage you to visit CGS.