Explore CGS …

  • If you want to start your college education with a global experience
  • If you want the benefits of a gap semester and still want to graduate in four years
  • If you’re not sure about your major—or if you know exactly what you want to do
  • If you want a world-class research university experience and a small-college feel

What is the CGS Experience?

  • You’ll start your college experience in January —with a gap semester beforehand that’s wide open for however you want to spend it. Go on an outdoor adventure… Do some globe-trottingmake a difference in your own hometown … take a class or two … and take time to explore your interests—it’s up to you!
  • During your spring semester in Boston, you’ll take classes in humanities, social science, and rhetoric—along with an elective toward your major.
  • After you finish your spring semester in Boston, you’ll head to London for an intensive, six-week semester—completing a full year of course credits (32 credits) by the end of the summer. For those unable to study in London, CGS will offer a summer semester in Boston.
  • In your second year, you’ll continue taking interdisciplinary courses at CGS and electives at other BU schools and colleges, capping the year with a Capstone project that teaches collaboration, communication, and how to synthesize all the interdisciplinary learning you’ve done.
  • After completing two years in CGS, you’re halfway to a BU degree. Simply declare a major and seamlessly transition to one of BU’s other undergraduate schools or colleges to complete your BU degree.

What are my next steps?

Explore the Program: Learn more about the classes you’ll take and what those two years of study will look like.

Visit CGS: Whether you are in your last couple years of high school, or have already applied to Boston University, we encourage you to visit CGS. Drop in on a class, have lunch with a CGS student, and meet with a CGS academic advisor.

Take a Virtual Tour: Take a virtual tour of Boston University’s residential life, campus offerings, and academic programs– and get to know CGS, too.

Apply to CGS: All undergraduate admissions for the College of General Studies are managed centrally through the Boston University Office of Admissions. Visit their website to learn more about Boston University admissions, academics, student life, and the overall application process.