Building Your Pathway to a BU Degree

CGS Pathways illustrate a typical pathway into degree programs at BU.

The BU Bulletin provides info on BU’s 250+ programs by subject, both majors and minors! You can find a complete list of degree programs, majors, and minors available at BU.

Degree Advice monitors degree completion and supports degree planning.

CGS and the BU Hub shows how the CGS courses you complete will fulfill Boston University Hub units. (Note: BU Hub requirements apply to Class of 2022 and after)

The CGS Hub Major Roadmap Tracking Sheet helps you to plan classes that fulfill the CGS program and BU Hub requirements. 

The CGS HUB Major Tracking Sheet for Transfer Students helps transfer students to plan classes that fulfill the CGS program and BU Hub requirements.

BU Advising provides information about academic advising across Boston University and helpful policies for academic planning.

CGS Program Requirements

The College of General Studies is a two-year program comprised of courses in rhetoric (writing), natural science, humanities, and social sciences. CGS students are required to complete:

  • Two rhetoric courses in the freshman year
  • Two natural science courses in the sophomore year
  • Three humanities courses during the two year-program
  • Three social sciences courses during the two-year program

CGS Required Courses

Students will work with their CGS academic advisor to determine which humanities and social sciences courses are most appropriate for their major.

Completing CGS and Continuing to a Major

Students are eligible to continue into one of the undergraduate degree-granting schools and colleges at the University if they have completed the CGS program requirements and appropriate electives, have a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or higher, and have earned a minimum of 60 credits. Students with a cumulative grade point average below 2.00 will not continue into a degree program at Boston University.