Academic Advising

The Academic Advising Program at the College of General Studies is guided by three core values:

  • embrace the diverse academic, social, and personal experiences of every student
  • enhance the learning and development of our students by supporting their individual growth;
  • encourage self-management skills, self-reliance, and appreciation of lifelong learning

Our academic advisors are full-time professionals with Master’s degrees or higher in Education, Counseling, Social Work and other relevant areas. They create a supportive and caring environment and work one-on-one with their students, guiding them in their academic progress, particularly in their selection of courses, majors, and career paths. They also collaborate very closely with and connect our students to the advising staffs and programs of the nine degree-granting undergraduate schools and colleges where they will continue junior year.

Our College’s unique design fosters tight-knot advising relationships, and our advising program is structured so that students have numerous opportunities throughout the year to meet individually with their academic advisor, which creates a strong working partnership.

At the College of General Studies our academic advisors assist students in a variety of areas:

  • transitioning to college,
  • mapping their pathway to a degree,
  • selecting the appropriate courses,
  • understanding University policies and procedures,
  • connecting students to University resources, and
  • providing strategies, when needed, to improve time management, goal-setting, and decision-making skills.

We are quite confident that our students’ relationships with their academic advisors as well as their active engagement in the advising program helps pave the way toward their success as a college student and beyond.