At CGS, academic advising is a full-time focus. Our dedicated, professional academic advising staff advocate for your growth and academic achievement—from before you arrive on campus through your transition to junior year.

What do our Academic Advisors Do?

Your academic advisor works with you on:

  • transitioning to college, starting before you arrive at BU as you decide how to spend your gap semester
  • exploring your values and goals
  • providing strategies to help you set goals and make informed decisions
  • mapping your pathway to a degree
  • selecting appropriate courses
  • understanding University policies and procedures
  • connecting you to University resources

How does it work?

  • You’ll have the same CGS academic advisor through the two-year program. This fosters a strong and meaningful working relationship.
  • You’ll have responsibilities too—communicating your passions and goals, preparing for advising meetings, exploring major requirements, and using University resources.
  • You’ll connect with your academic advisor after you’re admitted to plan out your gap semester and register for January classes.
  • You’ll meet with your academic advisor regularly throughout your two years, building a strong working partnership and mapping out courses. Thanks to the team system, your academic advisor meets with your faculty regularly and knows what you’re studying in classes.
  • When you declare a major in the second year, your academic advisor will connect you with an advisor and resources in the college of your choice.

Our Staff

Our academic advisors are full-time professionals with Master’s degrees or higher in education, counseling, social work and other relevant areas.