Robin Hulbert

Lecturer, Natural Science and Mathematics

Teaching Interests

Microbiology; general biology; human genetics; immunology

Research Interests

Virulence gene expression in bacteria; human-microbe interactions; public health microbiology

Selected Publications and Presentations


Stonehouse ES, RR Hulbert, MB Nye, KA Skorupski and RK Taylor. 2011. “H-NS binding and repression of the ctx promoter in Vibrio cholerae.” J. Bacteriol. 193(4): 979-988

Hulbert RR and PA Cotter. 2009. “Laboratory Maintenance of Bordetella pertussis.” In: Current Protocols in Microbiology, 15:4B.1.1-4B1.9.

Hulbert RR and RK Taylor. 2002. “Mechanism of ToxT-dependent transcriptional activation at the Vibrio cholerae tcpA promoter.” J. Bacteriol. 184(20): 5533-5544.

Spatafora GA, Sheets M, June R, Luyimbazi D, Howard K, Hulbert RR, Barnard D, el Janne M, Hudson MC. 1999. “Regulated expression of the Streptococcus mutans dlt genes correlates with intracellular polysaccharide accumulation.” J. Bacteriol. 181(8): 2363-2372.


“Genetic analysis of the BvgAS signal transduction system in Bordetella bronchiseptica.” West Coast Bacterial Physiologists Meeting, 2005.

“Functional domains of the Vibrio cholerae AraC-like transcriptional activator ToxT.” Boston Bacterial Meeting, 2002.

Other Professional Activity or Awards

2015-2016 Academic Senate “Newbie” Award, Mission College

2013 ASMCUE Faculty Enhancement Program Travel Award

2010-2011 California Faculty Association Distinguished Lecturer Awa