Social Impact Research Fund

Believing students’ ideas and perspectives can generate innovative and novel thinking in research, design, and implementation, alumnus Gary A. Kraut (CGS ’64, COM ’66) established the Social Impact Research Fund (SIRF) to give students the resources they need to implement their research projects. The grant is awarded annually to CGS students who conceive and execute their projects in consultation with a CGS faculty mentor. The aim is to support projects that make a positive impact on society sooner rather than later either locally or even nationally/internationally. Student awardees work with the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning to execute their projects in consultation with their CGS faculty mentor. Information on ongoing SIRF projects are available below.

Current Projects

Before funding the SIRF, Kraut initially funded the Global Impact Research Fund (GIRF) for several years, which, like the SIRF, sponsored research projects with the potential to positively impact society. These projects were led by faculty but also included undergraduate researchers.  With SIRF, students are invited to lead the research, while still involving faculty mentors. Details on previous GIRF projects are below.